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7M Theory to build business

As i have concluded in my previous blog  “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality” , Means,Measures,Mastery,Manpower,Management,Market and Money are 7M resources required to build business.

  1. Means is what?is the purpose or goal.
  2. Measures are calculative tangible or intangible criterion.
  3. Mastery is pursuing expertise on prime measure to avoid dependency.
  4. Manpower is the measure of required human resource until venture would be sustainable.
  5. Management is the process to enable venture for smooth operation in both the immediate and near future.
  6. Market is projected physical or virtual  space where demand and supply of means would be executed.
  7. Money is one of the measure must be sufficient but never be prime measure or mean.Money should be strictly measurable at all stages but it would never be goal,always treated as a tool not target.

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