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Means is what?the purpose or goal

To make software solutions for microprocessor based computer systems.”  was the means of Microsoft when Bill Gates and his partner Allen Paul had laid foundation of the giant software company.

Same thing in case of Google,”To make artificial intelligence based information search solution for world wide web.” was the means of the company at the time of foundation.

Very well defined means itself indication of surety of success as we say “Well begun is half done.” My humble request to all people on tiptoe to build their on business that first spare your full of energy to decide means of your enterprise.It should be very well defined in few words and then start your journey with very religiously following the means. Keep following points in consideration when you fix the means.

  1. Don’t be to wide like “To make  software development company.” is very wide and so not so clear “means”.Instead keep means like “To make android based individual accounting solution for professionals.”.Indeed this is an example only.
  2. Means must be within your achievable limits,subject to all resources.
  3. Means should be unchanged for initial few years as one can’t expect success in overnight.
  4. Study history and cases of successful and unsuccessful small,medium,large and giant companies before fixing your means.This exercise will definitely help you a lot.
  5. Don’t try to evaluate your means in terms of money only but evaluate it in terms of current market trends.e.g. “To make enterprise mobile solutions”  is more relevant than “To make next generation mobile solutions”.

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