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Sukhoi and Swani – an untold story (1st chapter)

Sukhoi is now in his 16th, teenager with a great feel of positive power.He has experienced many sudden changes within his own personality.His results in 10th is not so good but even though he is happy with his achievement and got admission in science stream also as his merits are at least compatible enough comparatively.There was not much differences between his other friends too,of course Patrick was plus with little lead,but Sukhoi is very confident to break all targets in 12th,a career deciding year and up to more extent over confident also.I see Sukhoi from third angle,i may agree with his line of thinking looking to his age,but to the best of me he is on the way to lose his track.He is dreamer since his childhood and wasting too many time in whimsical thoughts.Instead of putting a strong desire to do hard and achieve something,he is always dreaming unnecessarily.

“You are lazy” is a phrase that is often said by people around him. He don’t know why he is lazy,but being lazy has three effects on his life.It negatively affects his health,studies and his career.Running with his friends in his spare time is Sukhoi’s routine nowadays.Now, although he wants to do regular study, but he seldom does.Another negative consequence is that he is missing his tuition class regularly.He usually lies in bed and miss tuition classes or getting late daily.I have seen that Sukhoi is in search of his lifetime dream lady almost since last year and finally he has found that amazing girl in a Swani,sweet 16th a most cute girl student of the school.

Swani is a beauty of anyone’s choice without any doubt.Fair complexion with a cute charming face makes her attraction of the class.Her appeal kills anybody when she throws an innocent smile and my hero Sukhoi is not an exception,indeed. Sukhoi thinks that like most teenage girls, Swani is longing for love, acceptance and a sense of purpose in the world.What follows with Sukhoi is a sharp, funny and provocative account of one’s sexual and artistic awakening, without judgment.

Although we once loved to read teenage short stories, they are not only for the teenagers. Those short stories are quite interesting and quite amusing for all. The romantic short stories have their own beauty and wonder. They are most appealing to the teenagers,youngsters and elders,too.What’s happens to Sukhoi and Swani story ,you have to come here to my blog again.Till that Goodbye!

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