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Best Visualization Meditation : Shri Hanuman Chalisa




What is visualization meditation? It is the focusing of our attention upon a visual object. Visualization is one of the most popular and potent forms of meditation. More than just an inner technique, it can directly affect the conditions of our outer world.

Beginning visualization

To begin visualization:

Clear the mind completely. You may begin by concentrating on your breath.
Generate an image or idea in your mind before you begin visualization. Try using a general idea such as love, joy or a positive thought or affirmation such as, “I am balanced.”
With each inhale, feel your body expand with potential, and exhale your positive thought into your world.
In the beginning, visualization may be repeating a mantra or concentrating on one positive image, but you can get creative with practice.

Shri Hanuman Chalisa is one of the best solution to empower the body, mind and the soul.

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