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Bill Gates Actually Stole the Idea From Apple (in 1980’s)

So, today for the first time i watched this movie “the pirates of silicon valley” and i am shocked as to how bill gates stole the idea of GUI and Other features from Apple. While writing this i am not doing a background check on the movie but  am assuming that all that shown is true.

This is simply unacceptable, i mean how bill gates, stoles the whole idea and now he is the world richest man in the world. Wholly crap, although many may argue that steve stole the original idea from xerox but they did that officially and everybody at the xerox knew what they were upto. But dear in this case only bill and his colleagues knew what they were upto.

Watching the movie i just come to know that how un canny and intelligent bill gates was and not only was he techie but also a cruel businessmen.

Taken from : https://bonisatani.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/bill-gates-actually-stole-the-idea-from-apple-in-1980s/

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