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An Opportunity – Be Freelance Mobile Application Developer


Be expert in Android /iOS Mobile Development and earn in dollars from global marketsource.

I strongly believe that the best skill for any iPhone or Android Development is the experience a developer has and their acquired knowledge.When coming to think of a profession to learn and that will be in demand in the future, it is fairly obvious to say that deciding to focus your efforts on learning Mobile Development Programming language such as Java, Objective-C, or .NET (Visual C++) as will probably be worth the efforts and will be in constant demand.

Developing Native Apps is superior to developing web apps. A Native iPhone or a Native Android Apps can utilise all of the device functions and are accessed through icons on the device home screen. You install the Native App through the App store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). The Native Apps are developed specifically for one platform such as Android device or an iPhone device and are fully compatible with the device. A Native App Developer can design the app to use the iPhone or the Android full list of features such as the GPS,camera,contact list and so on.

Native developers are in such demand nowadays there is an actual global shortage in experienced Native Mobile Apps Developers.Hereby,I suggest you one Mobile Freelance Market place and as its dedicated to mobile only i see bright prospects of getting freelance job.

You may’ve heard about Elance, if you didn’t – you should know it’s an outsourcing platform that allows project managers to post projects and developers to bid on them. And it’s not just programmers who are in demand on Elance; companies turn to it to find people with other skills as well, including marketers, designers, writers, admins, consultants and so on.

AppFutura.com is a similar platform that is focused on app development. Whether you’re a programmer or designer on one end, or a company looking to make a mobile app – you could find someone to get the job done at the site.

According to the company’s CEO, Bernat Guitart, Appfutura was born out of the need to find skilled developers to carry out mobile applications projects. This need led them to create a new site where ideas for innovative app projects can be put forward and developers can submit proposals to make them a reality. Each developer listed on this directory is ranked by the reputation they build on the site.

Developers can create a professional profile for free, present their work, approach potential clients, control the full project development process and manage payments with clients securely. Clients (i.e. companies looking for a mobile app) can save some cash in the process by getting not one, but multiple proposals at once… Pretty cool and definitely worth checking out…

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