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Expense Manager – An Android App for Personal Expenses Management


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Keeping tabs on your expenses each week can be laborious and time-consuming. If you use a beautiful Android app to get the job done though, there’s a chance it’ll feel slightly less tedious (read: mind-numbingly boring.)

Expense Manager divides expenses into bright, clearly defined colors (health is red, food is green, leisure is yellow, and so forth) to give you an overview of where your hard-earned cash is going each week.

You can set a regular budget and then feed all of this information into a pie chart which shows the distribution of your daily expenditure. It won’t complete your expenses for you, but hopefully Expense Manager will put a smile on your face.Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances.

This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally you can assign a category to your expense in order to get detailed statistics and helpful insights.

– Simple Design
– Ad-Free
– Record expenses
– Assign categories
– Manage monthly overheads
– Manage categories
– Set a monthly limit
– Homescreen widget for even faster usage
– DashClock Integration
– Expense History
– Spreadsheet Export
– Group your expenses by week, month or year
– Backup/Restore Feature
– Record incomes (In-App purchase)
– Detailed Stats (In-App purchase)
– Expense Distribution (In-App purchase)

Network Communication:
Send feedback to the developer inside the app.
Error reports

For CSV export

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