Prashant Kishor : An Indian Political Consultant

RJD Chief Lalu Yadav Meets Supporters At His Residence After Bihar Assembly Election Victory

Prashant Kishor is a man who was behind the election campaign of Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Election 2015 and Then of Nitish Kumar in Assembly Election 2015.He is the man who will now be in demand for most of the elections in India for next few years. He led the Election campaign of Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar and hand them landslide victory. Prashant Kishor is now a brand himself whose perfect strategy and brand management helped two big leaders in Loksabha and Assembly Election.He is known as a master of election stretegy Know some important facts about Prashant Kishor.

1. Prashant Kishor worked as a public health Professional for 10 years including one and half year in Bihar

2. His father, who retired as a doctor in Bihar, didn’t speak to him for six months after Prashant told him he was leaving his well paying job at the United Nations to explore his skills as an election strategist and planner.

3. Prashant Kishor had earlier worked for Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha campaign in 2013-14 as Citizen’s Accountable Governance (CAG)

4. He formed IPAC – Indian People’s Action Committee an election management consultancy firm which was hired by Narendra Modi.

5. Prashant was instrumental in branding the image of Narendra Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha election. He was behind many successful campaigns, including famed ‘Chai Pe Charcha’.

6. Prashant Kishor is a master of brand management in the politics and he showed that in 2014 Election campaign.

7. For some reason Narendra Modi ditched IPAC, allegedly Shah Suggested not to use IPAC in assembly election campaign.

8. Nitish Kumar contacted him and asked him to handle his election campaign for 2015 Assembly election.

9. Prashant and his team came to Bihar in March, 2015 and they started to make strategies. The poster war started by JDU and Har Ghar Dastak campaign were brain child of Prasant Kishor. He also managed Nitish Kumar Twitter and Facebook account.

10. His team consists of about 300 graduates from the premier institutes like IIT, IIM, NLUs etc.

What’s Next For Prashant Kishor? In One Word, 2019


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