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Expectation is the hell

Two rules to perform the best ,

[1] Plan for success

[2] Prepare for failure
I have experienced many time in my life,even though lots of preparation we could not perform at the time when our performance is expected.Its common in mass of people who are over conscious for their success.Ultimately,this type of over consciousness leads to anxiety,a fear of failure and we can’t perform as expected or even our performance become worst.We can see this sort of behavior in legendary person also.See the case of Sachin Tendulakar,who had many times lost his wicket when his score was been reached between 90 to 99 run.Its call nervous nineties in Cricket language.

The best solution to come out from such situation is plan for success with full of energy.But don’t expect success,rather be prepare for failure also in positive sense,of course.You can try your best ,but expectation of result is not within your scope.Don’t expect rather be prepare for failure(or the worst) also.If your nature is over conscious then let give you mind command always, “I have to perform my level best.I will reach to my goal.It makes me no difference if I would fail in this attempt.My goal is never rely upon any particular event,instance,group or person.”.Always ignore your expectation,it will help you to get rid from fear and anxiety.Expectation is the hell.

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