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We ‘cheat’ a shot without the audience ever discovering it -Amitabh Bachchan

Hahahahaha .. do we really ever see the scooter in close shots .. NOOOOOO !! so do we really need to have it in the shot … NOOOOOOO … !!

Slide in to frame and slide out to give it simulated movement and …BAAADOOMBAA .. we have canned digitised shot in place .. the unit in splits, recovering from this ingenuity of mine .. but really have a look when the film is released and see if it really mattered whether the machine was required or not ..

Its called quite formally in our cinematic lingo as ‘cheating’ .. we ‘cheat’ a shot without the audience ever discovering it .. and that as they say is the beauty of the moving pictures ..




Taken from : http://srbachchan.tumblr.com/

DAY 2796

Of great times gone by, Cut yesterday   Nov 30,  2015       Mon  11:23 pm

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