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Chunauti – a hit television series in India in the 1980s


Chunauti was a hit television series in India in the 1980s. This marked the debut of many actors, such as Suchitra Krishnamurthy & many others.

Chunauti meaning Challenge was aired on Doordarshan in 22 episodes each about 25 minutes in Hindi.

Chunauti was a window into the psyche of college life in India. The serial profiled an idealist college principal Mr. Shastri and his travails with the problems that plague students including admissions, donations, ragging, miserable hostel conditions, drug addiction, irresponsible teachers, mass copying, and other malpractices. Character graphs and a well-crafted emotional drama covering every aspect of college life in detail, made Chunauti a big hit.

Chunauti highlighted the higher education system and generated tremendous response from thinkers, planners and common masses. In the serial, Principal Shastri faces adversity. In the end however, with the assistance of many of his students and colleagues he emerges victorious.

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