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Online Marketing Process

I see everything is going online gradually and web is the future of 21 st century.To the best of my prediction,before 2050 almost all marketing and financial transactions would be fully web based.There is no wonder if our third generation would only see paper currency,news paper,paper based marketing & sales material and many such things in museum.

Here In this article I go with following marketing process which is explained by Mr. Philip Kotler .My concern is let my readers explain to understand how this process should be established on web using existing resources.


Above image presents a simple, five-step model of the marketing process. In the first four steps, companies work to understand consumers, create customer value, and build strong customer relationships. In the final step, companies reap the rewards of creating superior customer value. By creating value for consumers, they in turn capture value from consumers in the form of sales, profits, and long-term customer equity.

Now,we see how all this five steps can practically implement on web.

[1] Understand the marketplace and customer needs and wants :

As a first step, marketers need to understand customer needs and wants and the marketplace in which they operate. We examine five core customer and marketplace concepts: (1) needs, wants, and demands; (2) market offerings (products, services, and experiences); (3) value and satisfaction; (4) exchanges and relationships; and (5) markets.

Here,we need to develop complete website with focus on above all concepts.It would be something like well combination of eCommerce  and CMS. e.g. 999dollar.com

Now,we can promote it through social media like Facebook by keeping our level best budget.on Facebook, you can invite your friends and friends of friends without spending.Even on FB, you may try advertise in targeted audience with low budget No need to be much aggressive at this stage otherwise it might be waste of money.Please,don’t go with costly options like Google ads etc.

[2] Design a customer-driven marketing strategy :

To design a winning marketing strategy, the marketing manager must answer two important questions:

  1. What customers will we serve (what’s our target market)? and
  2. How can we serve these customers best (what’s our value proposition)?

We should get answer to these two question on regular basis from our all customer.We should even not ignore our customer who has enrolled in our  free service segment.We can design online response,review etc. sort  of features.

[3] Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value :

The marketer develops an integrated marketing program that will actually deliver the intended value to target customers. The marketing program builds customer relationships by transforming the marketing strategy into action. It consists of the firm’s marketing mix, the set of marketing tools the firm uses to implement its marketing strategy.

The major marketing mix tools are classified into four broad groups, called the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. To deliver on its value proposition, the firm must first create a need-satisfying market offering (product). It must decide how much it will charge for the offering (price) and how it will make the offering available to target consumers (place). Finally, it must communicate with target customers about the offering and persuade them of its merits (promotion).

We can fanatically  design the four Ps of marketing mix on eCommerce web platform. We can use open source programs like Magento, OSCommmerce,WooCommerce,NOPCommerce etc. to develop the four Ps of marketing mix.Don’t waste more money by re investing wheel i.e. developing your own program from scratch for the four Ps of marketing mix on eCommerce.

[4]Build profitable relationships and create customer delight :

Creating a WIN-WIN situation with our customer definitely leads to success.Creating Customer Loyalty and Retention programs on web.Good customer relationship management creates customer delight. In turn, delighted customers remain loyal and talk favorably to others about the company and its products.

[5]Capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity :

The final step involves capturing value in return in the form of current and future sales, market share, and profits. By creating superior customer value, the firm creates highly satisfied customers who stay loyal and buy more. This, in turn, means greater long-run returns for the firm.

In eCommerce Admin keep measure of returns from customers as follow:

  • Daily visitors
  • Most visited Pages
  • Referrers like Google,Facebook,Quora etc.
  • Conversion
  • Growth
  • Reviews in terms of rating
  • etc.





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