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iEngage™ – a Digital Consumer Platform from Infosys

Infosys iEngage™ is a Digital Consumer Platform that helps enterprises engage with consumers across the marketing-sales-service lifecycle. It empowers businesses to accelerate awareness, deepen relationships, grow revenue and delight customers. Delivered in the enterprise SaaS model, it includes offerings for social media marketing, eCommerce, social commerce, customer care, and employee engagement.

Consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. Infosys iEngage Social Commerce Platform uses everyday social interactions on the World Wide Web to personalize and enhance users’ online shopping experience. Organizations can monetize these social interactions and increase customer wallet-share. The platform brings the power of social shopping through features such as: co-shopping (enabling buyers to shop online with other buyers replicating a real-world shopping experience), group-gifting (enable shoppers to invite friends, discuss gifts and make a purchase), product combination (empower shoppers to create product bundles and share with friends increasing average order value) and social rewards (enables sellers to recognize buyers who help drive sales and reward them appropriately).

The enhanced Infosys iEngage Employee Engagement Platform is built on top of industry-leading Jive Social Business Software. The platform includes modules such as Policy Manager, Ideation Manager and Knowledge Manager to help foster innovation and increase workforce productivity. The Employee Engagement platform is powered by the iEngage Context Engine which creates the social map of an employee across six different dimensions. It provides content, community, and expert recommendations to employees using a robust rules engine.

The new mobility module renders all the five Infosys iEngage platforms on smart handheld devices driving increased consumer and employee connect. It also enables users to interact both in a browser-based interface and through smartphone applications.

Infosys iEngage can be deployed through Infosys cloud or client cloud in the SaaS model.

According to Samson David, Vice President and Global Head – Business Platforms, Infosys Technologies, “Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise requires organizations to engage with consumers and monetize digital demand. Multiple global companies across industries are successfully leveraging Infosys iEngage for their digital engagement journey. With our Social Commerce and Employee Engagement platforms, companies can successfully drive their sales, marketing, and employee engagement strategies and deliver measurable business value”.


Information source : https://www.infosys.com/newsroom/press-releases/Pages/social-commerce-employee-engagement.aspx

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