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Before starting your career as a freelancer you should analyze that which portals are going to be best for you. Every freelancer try to find that among Upwork (formerly Odesk), Elance, Freelancer and Guru which is best. Here some analysis on Upwork, Elance and Guru. Upwork is the most acceptable freelancing portal for clients as well as for freelancers. Here you can see the clients who have invested more than $50,000. Also the freelancers who are having good ratings and feedbacks. Below presentation   show you the comparison between Upwork, Freelancer, Elance and Guru by Graphs.


Above shows that total funding is received in millions.

If we talk about the current senerio then we can see that Upwork has increased the fee so more people are moving from upwork to Guru or other freelancing portals. Just because Upwork is becoming more and complex and expensive.


Above image shows us the data related to freelancers, Total freelancers are in millions.


Above image shows the number of job posted. Every platform got lot of jobs these are in millions. But now a day you can see that more jobs are posting on upwork not on the Guru. As elance is going to shut down by the end of 2015. So if you want to create a new user on elance then it will redirect you to upwork. And all the login / registration procedure will be done there.


Image shows us the change amount percentage. Currently the Freelancer charge the most but as the upwork is growing then surely we see that upwork become the more expensive one. So to go with Guru is better choice.


Upwork is becoming more and more expensive so people are moving from upwork to the Guru and other freelancing portals. Also the job success ratio is also very high on elance and odesk but after their collaboration we can see less job awarding ratio on upwork as compare to elance and odesk.

Whichever the platform may be,but first sharpen your area of expertise and start bidding,keep bidding with lowest possible quotes.Gradually you will start getting jobs on any of above platform.Remember,slow and steady win the race. Good Luck!

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