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Start Your Own Printer Cartridge Refilling Business

One of the greatest business opportunities in today’s market is the re manufacturing of inkjet and toner printer cartridges. Cartridge refilling is an industry that is emerging, environmentally friendly, and best of all, offers excellent profitability.


What Is Cartridge Refilling Re manufacturing-Recycling

What is Cartridge Re manufacturing

Toner laser cartridge remanufacturing

As printers became more affordable, people started buying printers for home and small office use. After a while, these same people criticized the high cost of ink cartridges. The cartridge manufacturers allowed printer prices to drop in the hope of recouping their development costs through the sales of the cartridges. They were certainly not willing to lower their prices. This precipitated the birth of cartridge remanufacturing businesses and the refilling of empty cartridges. Consequently, questions were raised on the legality of reusing the cartridges.

To avoid legal problems, cartridge refillers devise ways to sell inks and replacement cartridges. Three methods are widely used: selling do-it-yourself refilling kits, re manufacturing OEM cartridges, and manufacturing new cartridges that are compatible with existing printers.


1. In the first method, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge from the printer is reused, not by refilling stores, but by the users themselves. Stores sell do-it-yourself refilling kits, which provide the materials needed to refill the empty cartridges as well as step-by-step instructions. By allowing the cartridge owners to do the refilling, ink suppliers are able to avoid legal questions and still sell their cheaper inks to people trying to reduce printing costs. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself refilling kits are messy, inconvenient and often ineffective. The quality of these do-it-yourself cartridges is greatly compromised, adding to the bad reputation of cartridge refilling-remanufacturing.


2. The second type is the remanufactured cartridge. Businessmen buy empty OEM cartridges, which are visually inspected. After a cartridge passes scrutiny, it is thoroughly cleaned of ink residues, refilled with compatible ink under vacuum, then print-tested. After testing, the cartridge is sealed and repackaged under a different brand name. Most cartridges can be remanufactured several times and depending on the equipment used and the expertise of the operator, the quality if these cartridges can be as good as the original. Quickfill Online offers everything necessary to start your own cartridge refilling business.

3. The third type is the compatible (generic) ink cartridge. This is an ink container that is newly manufactured based on the design of the original cartridge and is devised to perform just as well as the original brand name cartridge. To avoid patent infringement issues, makers commonly make slight alterations in the design. The ink-deployment technology inside the cartridge, however, is basically the same: either thermal (uses heat to disperse ink) or piezoelectric (uses electric pulses). Compatible cartridges are available mostly for Epson, Canon and Brother printers, as these have built-in print heads. However the Epson compatibles are not legally sold in the US.


OEM Cartridges vs. Remanufactured cartridges

The increase of cartridge refilling businesses shows that an ever-growing number of price conscious buyers appreciate the services these shops provide. The outrageous price of brand name cartridge forces many people to embrace these less expensive alternatives. In addition, the quality of the inks used for refilling has improved considerably, so there is hardly any difference in print quality and stability over time. More importantly, using remanufactured ink cartridges promotes recycling, thereby reducing plastic waste that would harm the environment.

The immediate thing that pops out in our mind is the disparity of price between original and compatible or refilled cartridges. Why do the OEM’S charge so exorbitantly? Isn’t compatible ink a better alternative? Do compatible inks harm the cartridge? Which ink is really beneficial for my printer: Original or Compatible?

By employing OEM ink cartridges and brand paper in the printers, the result you get is quite simply breathtaking. Nevertheless, the cost of printing occurred is enormous. For the average user a compatible printer cartridge is adequate. OEM inks will not block the print heads or cause streaking, but if the ink used to refill the cartridges is not causing these problems there is no reason to use OEM cartridges. As a matter of fact the compatible inks offered by Quickfill Online are no different than the original inks with respect to its production process, copy quality, fusing, color reproduction, ink density, yield and cartridge functionality.

Before remanufacturing cartridges, we must consider the differences in the cartridges used by a particular printer. Some printers come with a built in print head, so when you replace the cartridge you are changing just an ink tank. Some printers use cartridges which have the print head integrated into the cartridge, so every time you change a cartridge in these printers, you install a new print head. These cartridges are expensive because of the extremely complex technology with which every single cartridge is produced. These are the cartridges that are worth refilling because the print heads can be used several times without compromising the print quality.


If you want to start a cartridge refill business, consider these benefits:

1. Unlimited Business Opportunity

Business is about finding opportunities and taking full advantage of them. Cartridge recycling is a fast growing industry, with great earning potential. There are millions of potential customers. Virtually every home and business has an inkjet or laser printer.Cartridge refilling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Now is the time to get started in this great and exciting business opportunity. There is still room to grow as more people are becoming aware of this service.

2. Affordable start-up investment

To start your own cartridge refilling business requires minimal investment. Quickfill Online has done all the work for you and put together a Starter Package for Inkjet Refilling and a Starter Package for Toner Re manufacturing. These packages include the most necessary equipment and supplies for the most popular cartridges in the market. This is a suggested initial investment.


3. Rapid Return On Investment (ROI)

With a markup on refilled inkjet cartridges greater than one thousand percent, the profit to retailers with the Quickfill inkjet cartridge refilling system is tremendous. At this gross margin rate, a store that refills 25 cartridges per day, will realize a payback on the purchase price of the starter package in less than one month. At 10 refills per day, the Return on Investment for the Inkjet Starter Package is less than three months.


4. Comprehensive training program

Quickfill Online offers professional Cartridge refilling Training for both toner and inkjet cartridges and includes our operating manuals. This comprehensive training program is designed to give you all the technical know-how you need. Furthermore, our technical support doesn’t end with the training. Our dedicated, ongoing support structure will help you every step of the way.


5. Ongoing supply of inkjet and toner parts and components

Once your new cartridge refilling business is up and running, Quickfill Online can help you with all your compatible inkjet and toner supplies needs. Our online store offers a complete line of bulk inks, toners, chips, tools, packaging supplies, etc.


6. Perfect add-on profit center for an existing business

Do you have an existing business? Cartridge recycling is the perfect add-on profit center. It can potentially increase the traffic and profitability of your Pack and Ship, Computer, Printing store and many others.


7. Save your customers money

The cartridge refilling business is a recession proof business. It is actually recession friendly; in difficult economic times everyone tries harder to cut costs. Refilling printer cartridges is without a doubt a great way to save money for both individuals and companies that rely on vast quantities of printing to run their businesses. You will be helping others save money and make some money for yourself in the process.


8. Great Impact in the Community

You can conduct fundraisers for community organizations, such as schools, Scouts, churches, etc. by having them collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges. You will be helping these organizations while getting what you need: empty cartridges to refill. This builds goodwill in your community and more awareness of your services.


9. Great Environmental impact

Why recycle printer cartridges? You would be helping our planet by refilling and reusing empty inkjet and toner cartridges, rather than having them end up in the local landfills. Large corporations are always recycling and they love to help out with environmental concerns. Locate one in your area and you could probably get empties for free.


What will set you apart from the competition

The biggest challenge the print cartridge refilling industry faces is operators who are out for a quick buck. In order for the re manufacturing industry to gain full acceptance and trust, it needs entrepreneurs who are committed to operating ethically and producing a quality product.

The Cartridge Refilling Industry

Business is about finding opportunity and taking full advantage of it. Printer cartridge recycling is a fast growing industry, with a tremendous earning potential.

Approximately 20 million new inkjet printers and more than 500 million replacement inkjet cartridges are sold annually in the United States. Replacements for the spent ink cartridges come in three forms: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands (HP, Canon, Lexmark, Dell, Epson, etc.), private label brands, and recycled-refilled cartridges. Market research shows that more than 80% of people currently throw away their used cartridges and buy new ones. Imagine what this means in terms of the growth potential of our industry as more and more people find out about cartridge refilling and they realize they can save on the cost of a new one!


Retail Unit sales of Refilled Ink and Toner

The inkjet and toner cartridge refilling industry projected growth

Lyra Research: Includes inkjet and toner cartridges refilled in a retail store.


With the worldwide sale of printers increasing by almost 15% each year, the ink and toner cartridge refilling industry now represents a $30 billion market. Printer cartridge recycle products can potentially capture as much as 70% of the printer cartridge aftermarket. According to research by IPSOS Worldwide of Chicago, three times as many consumers would rather refill their empty cartridge than buy a new one.

According to the same research, 54% of consumers have indicated their preference for saving money by having their empty inkjet cartridges refilled. This is not surprising when you consider America’s insatiable appetite for computers and digital cameras. Digital photography also has a significant impact on the industry. Another report from Lyra Research finds that worldwide revenue from at-home printing of photos captured by digital camera has a projected growth from $7.1 billion in 2003 to $9.9 billion in 2009, a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent.


More Printers = More Demand For Cartridges

The comprehensive report, Consumer Photo-Printing Market: Where Digital Photos Will Be Printed, examines consumer photo-printing behavior and forecasts where digital camera owners will print the photos they capture—at home, at retail, or online. “The majority of digital camera photos will continue to be printed at home, which is good news for inkjet printer and supplies vendors: sales of ink cartridges and photo paper will increase,” explained Robert Palmer, director of Lyra’s Digital Photography Advisory Service.

More computers and digital devices mean a higher demand for affordable printers. As printer prices continue to drop, demand for ink will continue to rise rapidly. With such a huge demand and with today’s emphasis on environmental concerns, it’s easy to understand the potential of the cartridge refilling industry. In fact, 2009 retail sales are expected to be double 2006 sales. Consumers and businesses alike will always search for product suppliers that offer exceptional value, quality, convenience and service.

The Cartridge Refilling Industry Facts:

– Total Global Ink and Toner Industry projected to reach $70 Billion by 2009.

– Total Refill Industry projected to reach $17 Billion by 2009.

– Retail Inkjet Refill Revenue in North America projected to grow from $245 Million in 2006 to $546 Million in 2009 – That’s more than a 100% growth rate in just three years!

Source: Lyra Research collaborates with imaging industry decision makers worldwide.


Return In Investment For The Inkjet Refilling Equipment

Return On Investment for the Starter Inkjet package

With a markup on refilled inkjet cartridges greater than one thousand percent, the profit to retailers with the Quickfill inkjet cartridge refilling system is tremendous. Consider the following:


Cost to remanufacture an inkjet cartridge

  Ink: US$ 0.20
Clip: US$ 0.29
Label: US$ 0.06
Bag: US$ 0.12
Box: US$ 0.32
*TOTAL: US$ 0.99

* Every inkjet cartridge is different. The supply cost presented here is an average. The actual cost could be a few cents more or less, depending on the amount of ink needed in each cartridge.


Based upon a conservative average sale price of $11.00 for a black or a color cartridge and your total initial inkjet package investment of $5,800.00. With an average supply cost to refill a cartridge of $1.00, and considering 22 working days per month.


Cartridges Refilled per day 5 10 25 50
Profit per Month* $1,100 $2,200 $5,500 $11,000
Annual Net Income* $12,200 $26,400 $66,000 $132,000
Month to Payback 5 months 2.5 months 1 month Less than 1 month


At this gross margin rate, a store that refills 50 cartridges per day, realize a payback on the Starter Inkjet Package in less than one month. At 25 refills per day, the Return on Investment (ROI) is approximately one month. At 10 refills per day, the ROI is 2 and a half months, and at only 5 refills per day, the ROI is just 5 months!

Taken from : http://www.quickfillonline.com/


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