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Honesty is the best policy

There are often practical as well as moral reasons for being honest.I have recently read one very inspiring blog on Quora from  Mayank Sharma, Software Engineer(https://www.quora.com/What-are-you-banned-from-Why). I do appreciate Mayank for his confession on web which would be helped definitely to many new youngster by teaching the moral,” Honesty is the best policy”.  
What are you banned from? Why?
Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma, Software Engineer

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I was hired by Infosys during on-campus recruitment. I was asked to join on 20th November.
Later i was hired by Accenture in off-campus recruitment. There i was asked to join on 3rd October.
Without any doubt I chose Accenture. But in my earlier days of training in Accenture i was supposed to clear two tests, Failing any of them i was supposed to leave the company. For each, three attempts were there with a 5% increased difficulty for each attempt. I failed in first attempt, prepared well for next, again failed in second attempt. So i was left with the last one. I was informed on 19th November about the last attempt on 25th November.
At that time i had two choices
1. Preparing really well and crack the exam.(i was not sure about, because that was not working in earlier attempts)
2. Go and join infosys the next day on 20th November.(But it was also hard to Give Up)
I thought of an intermediate way, i mailed infosys asking them to extend my joining date as i have met with an accident and i wouldn’t be able to join on the specified date.
On 2oth November i got a mail from Infosys that your request will only be accepted if you show your medical certificate along with the original travel tickets which you must have booked to come here if you are true.
And i had None for that date.
So i made some false proofs and sent those to them.
On the next day i got the mail that In the process of Validation we have found that the proofs provided by you are False and there was no such ticket booked for the specified date with this serial number. In this serious offense you have been BANNED for any future employment with Infosys.
After it i had NO choice.
NOW I work for Accenture.

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