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Akshay Kumar childhood

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia (born 9 September 1967), better known by his stage name Akshay Kumar, is an Indian actor, producer and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.

Akshay Kumar was born in Amritsar, India to Hari Om Bhatia and Aruna Bhatia.His father Hari Om Bhatia was a military officer.From a young age, Akshay Kumar was recognised as a performer, particularly as a dancer. He lived in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk till he was three years old before moving to Mumbai where he lived in Koliwada, a Punjabi dominated area.He received his school education from Don Bosco School and enrolled in Mumbai’s Guru Nanak Khalsa College for higher education, but dropped out after an year and went to Bangkok to learn martial arts.Akshay Kumar also has a sister, Alka Bhatia.When Akshay Kumar was a teenager, his father asked him what he aspired to be. Akshay Kumar expressed his desire to become an actor.

After having obtained a black belt in Taekwondo while in India,he studied martial arts in Bangkok, Thailand, where he learned Muay Thai and worked as a chef and waiter.Upon his return to Mumbai, he commenced the teaching of martial arts. One of his students, an aspiring photographer, recommended Akshay Kumar into modelling which ultimately led to a modelling assignment. Akshay Kumar effectively made more money within the first two days of shooting, in comparison to his entire months salary, and therefore chose a modelling career path. He also worked as a background dancer in various films.One morning, he missed his flight for an ad-shoot in Bangalore. Disappointed with himself, he visited a film studio along with his portfolio. That evening, Akshay Kumar was signed for a lead role by producer Pramod Chakravarthy for the movie Deedar.


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