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Desire is the root cause of all evil

A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen is desire.Desiring is a state of mind that is commonly associated with a number of different effects: a person with a desire tends to act in certain ways, feel in certain ways, and think in certain ways.


  • Desire is that having not fulfilled which there is pain.
  • Desire is not accepting the reality as it is and wanting an alternative reality.
  • Desire is that which is associated with craving, continuous indulgence of mind.
  • Desire is that binds you to actions, if you act for the sake of duty(or Moral obligation) it is not considered desire.
  • If the results of your action do not make you happy or sad, those actions did not come out of desire, but out of choosing a better option out of many(which include not acting, acting for the sake of fruits)

Desiring something =  Expecting something.
It can give you 2 different results.
1.) Your expectations are fulfilled. This leads to desire more.
2.) Your expectations are screwed. This hurts you and gives you a touch of evil.
Either way your desire doesn’t come to an end point. It keep moving and exhausts you and your energy over useless priorities.

If your wanting to act does not fall into them, you are just acting for the sake of acting(not fruits), it can’t be called desire.

Just do your duties and enjoy every moment that comes .Desires make you think about the result of your duties which interferes in living the present moment to the fullest .So live in present moment ,do your duties.Enjoy the good outcomes and learn from bad outcomes .Failures and difficulties will make you strong and better.

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