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Today I have found this amazing blog while I was googling for my colleague ‘s relative who is suffering from liver cancer.They have heard that there is an Ayurvedic treatment at Umbergaon which may treat many types of cancer successively!

On searching term “ayurvedic treatment for cancer in Umbergaon” ,I have found following blog written by Mr. v.s.gopalakrishnan at http://creative.sulekha.com/medical-miracle-a-true-story_364457_blog.

I have copy pasted whole blog as it is.May GOD bless someone,somewhere!GOD knows.  🙂


I have long been wanting to write this but as the Bible put it, there is a time for everything, and the time has come now!

Are miracles possible? Should one believe in miracles? Can one expect a miracle to happen? Although my Ph.D. was in international trade, my Master’s degree was in Physics and to that extent I avoid non-scientific superstition. Are there scientific superstitions? Perhaps, yes. Don’t go to sleep with new clothes on. Reason: Dead bodies are draped in new clothes. Superstitious but perhaps the real scientific reason behind it is that new clothes are starched and don’t breathe.

This is a case of what I would call a medical miracle that I came across. And I trust it is for real. It happened to a person not connected with me.

My wife Revathy was initially not diagnosed properly by the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. About four months too late, in September 2006, the Hospital told her that she had cancer of the uterus that had spread to other parts too. She was immediately put on chemotherapy but we all had our fingers crossed due to the advanced stage.

It was in October 2006 that a friend of mine, Mr.Mehta, an exporter, told me about the miraculous medical case of his friend and neighbour one Mr.D (I am discreetly not giving the whole name). He told me that some Ayurvedic Vaidya living at Umargaon, four hours by national highway on the Mumbai-Surat sector, dispensed medicines that brought about the miraculous cure of his friend Mr.D. He recommended that I go and get the medicines for my wife.

I did not at once take this miracle case of Mr.D at its face value. I decided that since this person who was cured was in Mumbai only, I should personally interview him and know the facts before rushing to Umargaon. I phoned him up and he politely gave me a time in the evening to see him at his residence in Matunga.

My son Skanda, and I went to Mr.D’s residence on the evening of 4th November 2006. I took my son because I did not want to miss out on any point during the discussions since he would also register the conversations. Mr.D and his family gave me a polite and cordial reception having regard to the fact that I was his friend’s friend. There was a sort of jolly mood in the drawing room with the man’s wife, son, and daughter-in-law, all being present. Mr.D said that he was 60 years old, and at my request he narrated to me his entire story, answering my in-between queries patiently. The others in the room remained terribly excited all the time and made their own interruptions in highlighting this incredible miracle story. The following is what came out of the conversations which went on for more than an hour.

Mr.D was diagnosed with cancer which had affected the spinal cord. He began to receive radiation at the Tata Memorial Hospital but his condition was only worsening. He suffered from acute pains on the back. He was nearly 70 kg.in weight earlier but slid to 40 kg., and became a shadow of himself.

On top of this, he had long been a severe diabetic patient. Then a stage came when he had to take in dialysis therapy as his kidneys had been failing fast. For the sake of dialysis, he had to be moved to the K.E.M. Hospital every time and then brought back to the TataHospital. All this was just leading to endless pain and agony. One day he decided to put a stop to his sufferings wanting to leave the world early, with further treatments totally negated. So, he got himself discharged from the Tata Hospital on 3 Jan 2006. He was advised at the discharge that he had 48 hours to live.

Having come home prepared for the final journey in 48 hours, he sent for his relatives from all over. Many of them came. One of them, his cousin, advised him to send his son by car and get the Umargaon-medicines immediately. The son refused to go saying that he would need 8 hours for the to-and-fro car journey and he did not want to lose the moment in case his father breathed his last during that time. Neither Mr.D believed in such miracle cure nor his son. However, at the insistence of the cousin, he asked his son to make a quick trip to Umargaon and come back with the medicines. The son did accordingly. The medicines started to work. In a day or two, the bowels moved smoothly and he got back his hunger for food. And the rest was history. The pain on the back vanished. The diabetes disappeared. Further CT scans showed that the cancer was gone!!!!! How could I have not believed this story so honestly related to me by the man and his family members?

And by that day of my visit, he had already lived ten months after his declared “date of expiry” as it were! He was already going to work every day by his own scooter all the way to Fort from Matunga. In fact I was given 7 p.m. as the appointment hour as he had to come back from office! He was fresh and energetic as he spoke to me. From the depths of 40 kg, he had already shot up to 65 kg.!

During the narrative passage, he displayed the Umargaon-medicines before me to inspect and take stock. One bottle contained distilled cow’s urine. There were sea moss/algae in another. There were four other different medicines too. He said that he was continuing to take the medicines without break.

What is the mystery behind the Umargaon medicines? Well, the original Vaidya is no more, having taken samadhi, and his assistant has been dispensing the medicines over the last many years. It is said that Parampujya Shri Jagjivan Bapu, who took the samadhi in Umargaon, was a well-known curer of patients. His blessings always come with the medicines. The assistant takes a look at the case papers (copies) and administers the treatment whatever the type of disease be, not necessarily cancer. He gives medicines for three months at a time and the charges are about rupees three thousand in all. (Normal allopathic treatment can definitely be continued.) There is no profit motive or profiteering motive in this, is what is being said. Of course, there is no guarantee that is assured for the total cure.

My son Skanda and a doctor friend of his went to Umargaon in December 2006, and got the medicines for my wife. She took all the medicines regularly and religiously except one medicine, which was cow’s urine. She could never accept that idea. She happened to pass away on 7th March 2007.

Last week, a friend of mine visited me to ask me particulars about the Umargaon remedy. I phoned up Mr.D ‘s residence to clear some doubt. I was told that he had not come back from the office. I left it at that.

CAUTION: You do take a risk and please consult with the doctors.
For those interested:
The name of the Assistant (Vaidya) : Shri Pradyumnabhai
Parampujya Shri Jagjivan Bapu Samadhi,
Plot No.56, GIDC,
Umargaon (West), 396171 (also spelt Umergaon)
District Valsad,
For enquiries/appointment -tel. nos. 0260 2561241
Reliance: 3293708
There could be changes now.

Taken from : http://creative.sulekha.com/medical-miracle-a-true-story_364457_blog

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