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AAC Blocks Manufacturing Project : A Replacement of Bricks

I had started my career as a co-founder of a turnkey project development company in partnership with four of my best friends.But after initial little success,we went bankrupt due to mismanagement. Now it’s a history but finding prospective products,projects and services is yet my hobby.

Today,I have come to know about one of very prospective product ,”AAC Blocks”.In our business days we were preparing small project profile on 386 processor based computer we had at our office and sell the project to prospective entrepreneur with very lucrative margin.But now it a history.

Here,I try to give my readers some information about “AAC Blocks” but its a very quick and dirty information only.If you plan any venture please go carefully with proper consultation.

AAC blocks is a replacement of bricks. AAC is a highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. Besides AAC’s insulating capability, one of its advantages in construction is its quick and easy installation, because the material can be routed, sanded, or cut to size on site using standard carbon steel power tools.

AAC is well suited for urban areas with high rise buildings and those with high temperature variations. Due to lower density, high rise buildings constructed using AAC require less steel and concrete for structural members. Requirement of mortar for laying AAC blocks is reduced due to less number of joints. Similarly material required for rendering is also lower due to dimensional accuracy of AAC. Better thermal efficiency of AAC makes it suitable for use in areas with extreme temperature as it eliminates need for separate materials for construction and insulation leading to faster construction and savings.

Even though regular cement mortar can be used, most of the buildings erected with AAC materials use thin bed mortar in thicknesses around ⅛ inch, depending on the national building codes. AAC materials can be coated with a stucco or plaster compound to guard against the elements, or covered with siding materials such as brick or vinyl.

You can know about “What is AAC Blocks?”  at :


Magicrete is a leading manufacture of AAC Blocks.


Project at a Glance
Capacity 50000 CBM (in shape of blocks of 0.75 density and size600mmx200mmx200mm) Equivalent to 2.5 crores ordinary brick of density 1.9 sizes230mmx110mmx75mm
AAC blocks plant

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Product Description

AAC block,autoclaved aerated concrete block
1. light weight.
2. keep temperature, heat resistant, sound insulation, and fireproof.
1.It is a new type building materials-light weight concrete block. Our company is one of the biggest factories which produces full set of AAC production line.
2.Plant & Machinery Supplier are not only supply AAC equipment, but also can design for AAC plant of yearly capacity of 20000/40000/ 50000/100000/150000/200000/300000m³, including design, site planning, equipments installation, technical instruction, workers training etc, and can also design and manufacture according to customers’ requirements.

AAC,aac,light weight blocksaac blocks,AAC bricks

The advantages:
1.Light weight, heat resistant, sound insulation, high strength, fireproof and so on.
2.In addition, the raw materials of AAC blocks are abundant. Especially, it can not only make use of industrial waste
residue, improve environmental pollution, and protect tillable field, but also create favorable social and economic
benefits to take fly ash as the raw material of AAC block and brick.
3.It is the perfect wall filling material to replace the traditional solid clay brick.

Process: Raw material processing  Batching and pouring  Precuring and cuttting  Autoclave curing

Technological process:
1. The raw material is stored in the material storage bin, after the automatic batching then enter into the pouring mixer.
2. Pouring and entering into the mould after mixing evenly.
3. After precuring a certain temperature for a period of time, the base body reach a certain of hardness, the mould and base body are hung to the cutting machine by the sling. The sling is fulfill the following functions:
1)Titling the mould 90°in the air(one side plate of the mould become the bottom to support the base body ubtil the finished product is steamed).
2)Hanged to the cart or the cutting support to open mould or demoulding.
3)The demoulded frame and returned side plate shall be reorganized into the mould and shall be ready for next pouring after cleaning and oil spraying.
4. The base body then be cutted on the cutting machine in six sides:
1)The base body carries on the side and cuts and mills the trough vertically.
2)Then carry on the vertical level to cut.
3)Cut horizontally finally.
5. The base body which is cut and the bottom are hanged to the steam-pushing car by the semi-product sling, then fed into the autoclave in group to be steamed under high temperature.
6. After a period of steaming, then leave the autoclave and is hanged by the sling. The hardening plates are returned.

Production field picture
aac blocks machine,light weight bricks machine,aac brick machine aac blocks machine,aac brick machine,light weight block machine

Plant & Machinery Supplier in India :

  1. http://www.laxmiproject.com/autoclave-aerated-concrete-aac-prodution-line.html

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