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My trustworthy friend... Photo: Special arrangement

Have you ever felt abandoned and isolated by the world, when caught up in a string of misfortunes? Ever wondered about the best way to express your heart’s elation(great happiness) or simply just lament(a passionate expression of grief or sorrow) about your failures? Or have you ever wanted to vent your frustrations to someone who will just listen without judging you, but ended up suppressing it because of fear of judgement? If your answer is yes to any of the these questions, then you are yet to discover a solution that will help you to sort it out. Yes! I am talking about my best friend who is none other than my beloved diary.

Secret friend

A heavy bound book that has been my companion through my travels along the lane of life, right from the time I was 10. I have been penning down my thoughts in it for nearly four years and I must say it has benefited me a lot.

I have joyously scribbled in it about my first victory in an essay writing contest, describing about that marvellous experience. I have wept and jotted down the details about my failures and how it felt when my world came crashing down. I have written about days where everything was picture perfect, and I have also complained about those dark, murky times when melancholy wrapped me in its cloak and I felt shattered. I have shared with my diary about my fights with my best friend, my intense fears, most cherished dreams and of course loads of secrets that I wouldn’t dare tell anyone.

Anyone out there who feels writing is a waste of time, obviously hasn’t tried it. Trust me, when I actually write about whatever is bothering me, it makes me feel a lot better. Then there is this immense sense of satisfaction and comfort I derive when I can pour it out to someone. It is not like I am detached from the outside world or don’t trust my family or friends for they are the most amazing people in my life.

But I have realised that writing in my diary has strengthened and made me a better person in many ways. At the end of a hectic day, this activity of mine is a perfect outlet, for, conveying anything that’s happening in my life. It has helped me keep track of my performance and the progress I am making.

Whenever I read or just flip past the pages of my diary, it feels like taking a peek into my yesteryears. Every time I pick it up and start writing, it is similar to having a heart to heart conversation with my mom. The words flow out in torrents as I write without any care in the world and I know as I always have, that by the end of this exercise I am happier, more peaceful and in a calm if not cheerful state of mind.

My diary is a memoir of my past and a wish list of my future. So to every one of you out there, just try penning down your thoughts, for if you are lucky you may discover your best friend hidden in the pages of a diary. I know I have.

Aditi Narayanan, X C, DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram.

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I am a full-stack engineer whose passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. I have architect and built horizontally scalable back-ends; distributed RESTful API services; and web-based front-ends with modern, highly interactive Ajax UIs.

I deal with:

Web applications
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Self-directed and passionate
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Leadership skills, integrity

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