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How to accumulate Rupees 1 Crore in 15 years?

I have seen few very common people whom I considered truly wealthy. They have it all: a nice home, a great family, wonderful friends and there isn’t much they couldn’t buy. They seemed to have their act together, so much so that we asked them how they did it. How did they seem to have it all, while most people in the world were living paycheck to paycheck? I have found two things which are common in these type of people i.e discipline and consistency.

Today,I’d like to visualize how we can accumulate Rupees one crore in a span of 15 years through SIP based investment in mutual funds.Suppose we invest only Rupees 10000 per month in some good funds which have a track record of giving average annualized return of 21%. e.g. one may select with expert advice like Moneycontrol. But always remember the proverb ‘Never put your every eggs in a single basket’. So,split your total monthly investment provision in 5 to 10 different funds with average 21% returns track record and shuffle this portfolio on every three to five years basis.Be a good observer and wait N watch. If we invest Rs.10000/- per month in such funds for the period of 15 years with discipline and consistency,we can accumulate Rs. 1 crore as shown in following image.



Use following online calculator for another projection of your choice.



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