Virat Kohli ki Jai…..!

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How does one praise Virat Kohli? As Lata Mangeshkar said in a tweet, “woh khud hi tareef hain.” Today I’d like to talk about Sunday,March 27,2016 20-20 match at Mohali.India won this challenging match and got an entry to semi final.But it was seemed tough even before 18th over.Kohli must have imagined an impossible situation against Australia. Then he must have worked out seven, not even six, strokes of brilliance to tell us, ha ha, impossible is nothing.Virat almost got rid of the target in the next two overs, leaving the final over for the mandatory Dhoni hit over long on to seal a win. During the next 12 balls, starting from the 18th over, Kohli hit seven boundaries — 4,4,6,4,4,4,4. All proper, text-book shots. No slogs, no switch hits, no Glen Maxwell-type reverse sweeps or scoops. And when he was not sending the ball across the boundary, he was placing it to perfection between fielders and then, with Bolt Dhoni for company, running like Ben Johnson on Stanazolol steroid at the 1988 Olympics, converting ones into twos, making the Aussies feel outrun like Carl Lewis.

The defining moment of Kohli’s mathemagic came in the 18th over, just around the time a kind of hush had descended on Mohali because of the steep required run rate. First, to a ball pitched almost on the popping crease, a shade outside the off stump, Kohli opened the face of the bat and glided it past the diving point fielder just when the bowler James Faulkner thought he had conjured up a dot ball.

Then, on the next ball, Kohli danced down the crease, seemed to have misread the trajectory and the slower one, yet managed to make a quick adjustment and loft the ball over the mid-off boundary. As the ball sailed high, giving Faulkner false visions of a catch, Kohli pumped his fists, triggering a raucous ‘Kohli, Kohli’ chant in the stands that would echo for ages.
It is difficult to know what Australia felt after those strikes. But, to believers of Indian mythology, it seemed the god of Indian cricket had revealed his mythological Virat roop to the rivals, making the Kangaroos cower and surrender, like the Kauravas did at Hastinapur.Australia just imploded after the 18th over, surrendering to Kohli and his divine batting. When the ball disappeared four times to the boundary in the 19th over, each time off Kohli’s bat, it seemed Australia had bowed down to the genius of Kohli, paying obeisance, watching in awe, instead of fighting.

Kohli is the superhero scripting the T20 World Cup this year. Without him, India have no business being in the semi-finals.He might have as well said what every Indian was chanting:….

Virat Kohli ki Jai…..!

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