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How to attain happiness in life?- 26 secrets


To  achieve a permanent state of happiness is the ultimate goal of our life. But How?…Develop habit of good reading,good watching,good discussing and good accompanying..

Always try to detach from the demonic qualities , which are: desire (kaam), anger (krodh), greed (lobh), attachment (moh), ego (ahankar) and snob* behavior.


There are 26 ultimate secrets to attain a permanent state of happiness in our life :

(1) Be very kind to everyone.Non-violence.
(2) Do not see anyone as enemy.Forgiveness.No back-biting at all
(3) Be truthful
(4) Be equal to everyone.Keep balanced view of life.
(5) Always try to improve internal quality
(6) Be magnanimous(generous or forgiving).
(7) Be mild.
(8) Be always clean, physically as well as mentally.Do self-duty.
(9) Avoid feeling of possessions.A spirit of sacrifice.
(10) Always work for everyone’s benefit.
(11) Be very peaceful.No revenge.Always kindness to others.
(12) Always try the level best to be fearless. Always surrendered to the Almighty.Almighty is ultimate power behind existence of entire universe including ourselves.Almighty is omnipotent,if science then ultimate state of science,if spirituality then ultimate state of spirituality…
(13) Come out from material desires.
(14) Be very meek. No temptations.[Develop humility]
(15) Be steady. No anger
(16) Try controls all senses i.e. hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste.
(17) No restlessness to do everything. e.g. do not eat more than required,do not try be perfectionist(like obsessive)
(18) Do not influenced by the illusory energy of any type or negative forces
(19) Offer respect to everyone.
(20) Do not desire any respect for our-self.
(21) Be  grave.
(22) Always be merciful.
(23) Always be friendly.
(24) Always be poetic.
(25) Keep ultimate motive of the life to be expert in subject/s of our intrest
(26) Be silent.Be patience.


Always be the good visionary of your mind.Especially when your mind is full with negative thoughts and if you are feeling helpless to get rid of negative thoughts then wait and watch.Without losing your patience only observe your thought like a third party.Let put yourself  completely free  like a leaf floating in flow of river. Don’t dissolve yourself with your negative thoughts.Our mind is like a naughty child,if we try to control forcefully it would react with double force,better leave it free and only be observer.Rather,assure your mind continuously that,”don’t worry,be happy”. Remember you are not your mind.You and your mind both are separate entities.Here,keep faith in Almighty and assure yourself that – ALL IS WELL!


*snob means ::

[1]a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and looks down on those regarded as socially inferior.
“her mother was a snob and wanted a lawyer as a son-in-law”
[2]a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people.

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