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Admit to Being Fired From a Job?

In words of  my  US based friend,who is now enjoying status as a millionaire ,”I was fired four times in my career and was asked in every job interview how I lost my job.Getting hired and being fired is so usual to me.The challenge after being fired is to answer the job interview question,why did you leave your last job?Painful but very common question. Obviously we have to lie,”Seeking better job prospects”.Funny!Only we know the fact and only GOD knows the prospect.”

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief for Vogue Magazine, is quoted in Alastair Campbell’s book, Winners: And How They Succeed stating,

“Everyone should get fired at least once in their career.”

Surprisingly,being fired or terminated from a job is not unusual for many of us.So,don’t lose your courage and take it as a prospect with very positive attitude.Being Fired Is Not Uncommon.In fact, according to a U.S. Department of Labor JOLTS report, an average of 55,318 people were laid off or fired each day, in 2014, including weekends and holidays. The total for the year was 20,191,070.Since most of us (but not all of us) are employees “at will,” we can be fired for any reason — or no reason at all — by our employers.So, if you’ve been terminated or fired, you’re in good company.

As you prepare for your interview after you’ve been terminated, do your best to stay positive. Remember all the good things you have accomplished in your career and life.Don’t beat yourself up or adopt the mind-set of nobody-will-hire-me because you’ve been fired.Keep in mind, that most everyone you talk to has likely been terminated at least once in his/her career, or if he/she hasn’t been terminated, they know several good people who have been terminated. Being fired is a “speed bump” in your career that has happened to literally millions of people who have gone on to have great careers.

The main thing to remember is no matter how bad the situation was, don’t say anything blatantly negative about the employer. No trash talk in a job interview or networking situation.Chalk your termination up to it being a learning experience, and take pride in the fact that you persevered through a challenging situation and did your best for as long as you possibly could.

Dealing with being fired from job is an art and I’d like to say its an essential art to be learnt for 21st century. The moment of truth has arrived – when an interviewer asks you why you left your previous job. Don’t panic. You can handle it if you know what the people interviewing you are really thinking. Prospective employers are not interested in being your judge and jury, nor are they interested in rescuing your career. All they’re trying to ascertain is if there’s a problem or not with your attitude and approach to your work.
Don’t plead your case. Don’t try to defend yourself with detailed complaints about what “they” did to you. Don’t be morose or express anger or bitterness over the situation. And, most important of all, don’t badmouth anybody. All that you will accomplish with such defensive behavior is to convince your would-be employer that the business of your dismissal is still festering. They may be worried that this may affect the way you handle all future business dealings.

And at last before I pen down,if are you shamed? Get over it.Take it with a clean conscience – after all, you’ve worked hard for it.

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