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MTech or JOB vs MS vs MBA..?


During pursing Degree program like BE or BTech from an average institute or even comparatively little more reputed institute there would be common puzzle in almost student’s mind that weather I have to go for further study or MTech,ME,MS,MBA…?Many arguments,many solutions and ultimately “So many men, so many minds..” .Here I am going to show you very down to earth solution,without any confusion or doubt start preparing for GATE,single most powerful key to your success.

I assume that you were not succeed after 12th science to clear entrance exam like  JEE   (esp.JEE Advance) and so you couldn’t get admission in premium institution like IITs,NITs and so.

Better late then never,make your Goal to rank high in GATE and try to get admission in IITs,IISc,BITS,NITs and so – Mtech programs.For GATE you can take too many attempts too.You will get stipend during MTech .

Following is the list of Top Colleges for MTech in India:



  1. Because it is a lifetime opportunity to be in a world class institute
  2. PSUs do recruit from GATE- See the PSU tab here
  3. Preparing for GATE do help in other exams which are given here
  4. Most people after Masters in IITs/NITs go for job and only few (less than 20%) go for Ph.D. So, don’t think GATE is meant for teachers
  5. Even after Ph.D. not everyone becomes a faculty. There are research jobs in companies like IBM-IRL, Microsoft Research, Xerox Research and many others
  6. Even if you want to do MS abroad preparing for GATE does no harm. It’ll surely help you for MS as GATE is checking just your basics in Computer Science subjects

Your prospects of getting decent job after pursing MTech from premium institution would be thousand times higher. Here I have taken statistics from one blog for your kind consideration.[This is for IIT-Bombay Only ,you can find other premium institution placement through google search.]

Placements at IIT-Bombay started on 1st December, 2012. This year’s placements proved to be the best till date for BTech CSE batch.

I will be highlighting some important figures of the placements of BTech, CSE IIT-Bombay 2013 batch. More than 90% of the batch has already been placed since placements began.

Job locations offered

As compared with last year, a significantly higher number of software companies visited for campus placements, many of them for the first time ever. There were a lot of opportunities for overseas locations like USA, Japan, Middle-East etc. Following is the distribution of the students according to job locations offered:

Distribution of job locations

As compared with last year’s placements a substantially more number of students have been placed in firms offering job locations in USA. One thing that I observed was that the number of Day1 companies for CSE were too many and all of them had shortlisted from a fixed set of students. That is the same set of students were present in most of the shortlists. Due to this, many students ended up with multiple job offers from different companies. Many companies offering lucrative packages had to walk-away empty handed due to this anomaly.

Job profiles offered

Distribution of job profiles

As we see in the above chart, very few students opted for finance-based Quant Profiles. A huge number of students were placed in software engineer profiles. This is because of the numerous US-based companies arriving for placements this year. This resulted in many people opting for US-based software engineer profiles against India-based Quant Finance profiles. None of the students opted for other kind of profiles like Management Consultant, Financial Analyst etc.

Packages offered

Gross salary offered to BTech CSE students averaged out to be around 14.4 lpa (lakhs per annum) for India-based jobs. For US-based jobs, the average is around 100,000$ per annum.

For India-based software engineering jobs, the average is around 11.6 lpa. For India-based Quant profiles the average is around 26 lpa.


Pre-Placement offers


Around 15% of the batch had received and accepted pre-placement offers from companies where they interned. This proved to be a boon for rest of students in the batch because the PPO’ed people weren’t allowed to apply at all the companies arriving for campus placements, thus reducing competition.

Top Recruiting Firms at IIT-Bombay
  • Software Engineering: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rocketfuel, Mylikes, Epic Systems, Sony
  • Quantitative Finance: Tower Research, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, WorldQuant
  • General Finance: Optiver, Deutsche Bank, Citi, Credit Suisse, BlackStone, Jump Trading
  • Management Consulting: Mckinsey, BCG, Booz & Co., Bain & Co., A.T.Kearney


I recommend links to visit

  1. http://placements.iitb.ac.in/files/IITB_Placement_and_Internship_Report_2014-15.pdf
  2. http://mtech-admission-iits.blogspot.in/2010/02/is-it-worth-doing-mtech-at-iits.html

Before I stop my pen,

I would like to copy conclusion from 2nd link of aforesaid recommendation:

Conclusion [ A million dollar advice]

I would conclude by saying that mtech is good only if you are genuinely interested in Computer Science and research and willing to work really hard for next two years. Otherwise you are better off going for a job.


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