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Could Donald Trump deported all illegal immigrants?


First of all, he can’t. Mr. Trump is running the Executive branch of the Federal Government. As you probably know, USA doesn’t have much in the way of a Federal Police, policing is mostly a state thing, which the president does not control. So, physically impossible.Indeed, it is hypothetical but not impossible that in the process of deporting over 11 million, some legal American citizens will also be “deported” by mistake.

Practically it’s not possible as removing every illegal immigrant would cost an estimated $400 billion to $600 billion, and deliver a $1 trillion hit to the economy because it would hurt industries that depend on their labor. Mass removal would also be unpopular: A recent Pew Research poll found that 76 percent of Americans say undocumented immigrants are “as honest and hardworking” as U.S. citizens, and a CNN poll found that 51 percent say Washington’s priority should be finding a path to legalization for those already here. Just 11 percent say the focus should be on deporting all illegal immigrants. Generally, most congressional Republicans want the government to “secure the border” before the undocumented are given a path to legalization, while Democrats say additional border security is not necessary and that it’s time to bring the 11 million “out of the shadows.” That difference in opinion has led to a two-decades-long stalemate in Washington that would not seem to be resolved yet.

Rather just think,”“What would happen if Donald Trump deported all illegal immigrants?”.Answer is,”Everything in the US would stop working…!”.One may ask,”How?”.Simple, the US economy, like the economy of every other first- and second-world country, depends on importing people to do the work that their own citizens don’t want to do for wages below what their own citizens will accept. If those wages are below the legal minimum wage, as they often are, then only illegal immigrants will do that work.

In nutshell, if there was a mass deportation that took place in a relatively short time it would have an unprecedented crisis in the U.S. in a number of areas.

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