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What’s More Important: Knowledge or a Degree?


I would like to start with the example of Mark Zuckerberg.He got his degree after 12 years, but what drove him to build & run the biggest social media platform ‘The Facebook’ it was his knowledge for which he constantly working.And if you take the example in concern with real-time JOB too, then today’s startup’s people focus more on person’s knowledge than on degree.

But For big Multi National Companies or Government Exams, etc degree is 1st preference.Of course, Degree is just a paper and assurance that you are graduated which can act as a proof, but knowledge is like something which you need not to prove. It can speak itself if you are good at something.

We all know very well that knowledge is important than a degree but unfortunately, we live in a world where a proof is needed for everything.It’s best if you have both. You’ll struggle if you don’t have either one and doomed if you have none.Join a college for a degree, but study for knowledge. And remember, knowledge can be of any form.

“Imagine you are in a job interview and there are 1000 candidates who applied for the job but the interviewer/HR has time to interview only 100 of them. What do you think he would do? despite you being the most knowledgeable person in the building you will not even have a chance to appear for the interview because the interviewer will set filters based on degrees and marks the candidates have scored. He would just not even look at you if you are without a degree.

Now in the same situation imagine you have a lot of degrees but no real knowledge. The HR/Interviewer will have you at the first position in the list of candidates to be interviewed. You walk in the interview, but you can’t answer a single question he asked since you never had the real knowledge. Maybe somehow you managed to get your degree by mugging up or through money or any other means. You would still not get the job.”

Few more point’s to help to understand ….

  1. Degree matters to the time just before your job interview.
  2. Today’s the time of cut-throat competition. So certainly degree stands you out of the biggest crowd of job seeker’s.
  3. Today everyone considers degree as the proof of knowledge. Which actually is not the right interpretation but since its the convention we will have to follow it.
  4. Knowledge is at the Core of your package. But to show people your core you will have to attract them with your shiny packaging.
  5. The degree provides you the glamorization needed in today’s world to stand out, To get noticed.
  6. But without actual knowledge Degree has absolutely zero value.

At last but least, for today’s competitive world you must have both otherwise you are going to be left behind.

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