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Inflation Calculator India – How much rupee worth back since 1971 in India as compared to today?


Inflation Calculator India

We may find out the value of today’s rupees in 1971,1972…,2000 and so on, in many ways

  • In terms of exchange rate vis-a-vis dollars
  • In terms of inflation (CPI or WPI). This would indicate the purchasing power of the rupee. In simple word, you could have brought more goods with your 100 rupees in 2000.
  • From the point of view of interest earned by your hundred rupees if deposited in a bank also known as “ Time Value of Money”

If you searched for an India’s Inflation Calculator, you can not find one for India with a clear explanation of how the calculations are made.Here I provide you an excellent link to calculate rupee worth back since 1971 in India as compared to today.You can easily calculate India’s inflation between any two years from 1971 to 2017.

Inflation Calculator India

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