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A custom motorcycle is a motorcycle with stylistic and/or structural changes to the ‘standard’ mass-produced machine offered by major manufacturers. Custom motorcycles might be unique or built in limited quantities. While individual motorcyclists have altered the appearance of their machines since the very first days of motorcycling, the first individualized motorcycles specifically labeled ‘Custom’ appeared in the late 1950s, around the same time as the term was applied to custom cars. In the 1960s, custom artisans like Arlen Ness and Ben Hardy created new styles of custom bikes, the chopper. In the 1990s and early 2000s, very expensive customs such as those built by Orange County Choppers, Jesse James’s West Coast Choppers, Roger Goldammer became a fashionable status symbol.

Bollywood’s action king Akshay Kumar was seen riding a specially designed motorcycle worth about Rs.1 million in the movie Oh My God!It was a custom motorcycle designed by Vardenchi Motorcycles.The motorcycle, Vardenchi Chopper, had been specially conceptualized for the movie, keeping in mind its theme and concept.It took Vardenchi 45 days to make the Chopper. It is designed keeping in mind the look of the film and the splendid personality of Akshay. Akshay loved the design and was very impressed by the drool factor of the motorcycle.The motorcycle had some unique features, such as- 500 cc engine, eye-catching graphics jobs, double-sided swing arm, mirror classic chrome and 300 mm rear tyre. The term ‘Vardenchi’ in Marathi means ‘something that belongs to Varde’. The founder of the brand is Akshay Varde who has a Maharashtrian surname ‘Varde’. Thus, the brand derives its name from his surname.

Since 2005, Mumbai-based Varde has been designing customized bikes through his venture, Vardenchi Motorcycles. Thumbing his nose at purists and using the Royal Enfield as a base, he has discovered the massive and emerging market for customized bikes that cost a fraction of the western counterparts.After completing a diploma course in hotel management from Sophia College, Mumbai, he joined Jet Airways as cabin crew in 2001. Towards the end of 2004, he was bitten by the bike bug. He bought an old Royal Enfield for about Rs 17,000 and decided to give it a makeover. In April 2005, he rented a small place at Juhu to remodel his first customer bike but did not leave his job as he had no idea whether it would turn out to be profitable or not.His work hours at Jet Airways left him with enough time to remodel the bike, helped by the two workers he had hired. Five months later, the bike was ready and was sold for Rs 65,000. Varde did not make any profit, but he was hooked. During that year, he designed six bikes, making 10-15% of profit on each. Finally, convinced that there was a market for his passion, Varde quit his job in December 2005 and focused on building Vardenchi Motorcycles.

He had invested Rs 2 lakh from his savings, spending most of it on getting basic tools like welding machines, cutters, etc. Currently, he has a line-up of four custom-built models, starting from Rs 3.5 lakh and moving up the scale, depending on the level of customization. Alternatively, a customer can buy a Royal Enfield and hand it over to Vardenchi for customization for Rs 2.5 lakh

Every motorcycle produced at Vardenchi is a work of art. The strong relationship between Vardenchi and its customers results in very beautiful motorcycle designs. In almost all motorcycles, the base is a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Verdenchi custom motorcycle manufactures almost all of the custom parts in-house. Sometimes, the company may import them. Thus, the ultimate goal is to create something different with world class quality.At every stage from sketching & 3D modeling to fabrication; the emphasis is more on the quality. Furthermore, the fit and finish also play a key role in the finished product. Almost every motorcycle imitates its rider’s personality. Verdenchi custom motorcycle takes care of the individual needs at every stage.

At Vardenchi custom motorcycle brand, there are two types of motorcycles which are – ‘custom motorcycles’ and ‘customized brand motorcycles’. Both of these types are different. The former is a modified version of a production motorcycle while the latter is designed to signify the brand message. The latter part literally recalls the brand.

Custom Motorcycle
In this type there are four subtypes Type 1, Type2, Type3 & Type4. The company uses Royal Enfield motorcycle as a base in almost all and builds customization around it. Moreover, Type1 is an economical segment and type 4 is the premium one where you have to shell out more.

Customized Brand Motorcycle
These are the motorcycles built around the brand. While no one believes they have a motorcycle which emphasizes on the Cloud9 brand. Yes, you have read it right. Cloud9 is an energy drink. So, this segment also features the movie-themed motorcycles such as ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Tron Legacy’. These type of motorcycles include the most noteworthy features of Vardenchi custom motorcycle.

Vardenchi custom motorcycle is surely making big difference in the custom motorcycle world in India.MakeInIndia can say with proud that the feel of a motorcycle is different and one cannot compare with any other vehicle out there. And, when someone has it custom made, the story is altogether different.

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