Problems of Common Man in India-Thus far no further…!


Challenges faced by the common man due to demonetization is an ideal set of example to display “Problems of Common Man in India”. The problems faced by common man may be different in different countries and in the different situation.But so far as I am an Indian citizen, I can claim that I have better knowledge about Problems of Common Man in India.First and foremost the golden rule by heart very well is,”Common man must fight with everything in order to survive.” Say, the common man has to fight against everything like,

Fight against the INFLATION.
Fight for survival.
Fight for existence.
Fight for maintaining relations.
Fight against corruption.
Fight against jealousy of other peoples success.
Fight for pleasing everybody around.
Fight for basic needs.
Fight against such many other odds.

Here are the top 10 issues a common middle-class man faces almost every day in his life:

Number 1…The tag of Middle Class i.e. Feeling the pain of being ordinary on the day to day life.
Number 2…No one takes notice of an average, middle-class guy.People have no faith in the amazing ideas a common man can have and even if they see a miracle being performed by him, they’ll say it was a fluke or maybe they were hallucinating.
Number 3…Stuck in the middle.Neither rich nor poor.Just like belongs to the ‘cattle’ class.
Number 4…Can’t dare to dream.Trapped in stereotypes problems about our future: our ambitions, our goals, what and where we want to be someday.
Number 5…Money v/s Time struggle for entire life
Number 6…Being social forcefully
Number 7…Catching up with technology
Number 8…Health-related and Medical Problems
Number 9…Quality education
Number 10…The trap of economy, an unseen devil.

All the social/national issues, the Common Man Speaks about, are more or less, interlinked or rather ‘knotted’ with each other.Simple Mumbaiyaa logic boley toh Naukri k ghante aanth(8) hain, hafte mein din 7 hain, ghar pe khaane waale 8 aath hain, pagaar ek so saath (160) hai…ZINDAGI bole toh vaat hai !!

Thus far no further…!


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