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A Real story behind the black buck case of Salman Khan?



An India Today magazine story from October 1998 details the lengths to which the actor and his colleagues went to entertain themselves with hunting, not thinking twice about breaking the law. Khan was encouraged by his friends to get his aim right, accomplices who didn’t pull the trigger but applauded him for hunting precious living beings.

According to information gathered by INDIA TODAY, the hunt began on the evening of September 26. At Umaid Palace, driver Dulani was told to arrange for sightseeing trips for hotel guests by Dushyant Singh, who looked after Travelaide, a company owned by Gaj Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Jodhpur.

At about 10 p.m., Dulani was pleased but surprised when Salman Khan arrived and asked if he could drive. Satish Shah sat with him in the front with Dulani and four others in the rear.

One of them, Yashpal, guided Salman to Bavad village, off Nagaur road, 40 km away from Umaid Palace. There, as if on request, a herd of chinkaras awaited them.

As Dulani said in his statement, Khan fired twice and missed. Satish Shah egged him on, “Jama ke lagao (Do it properly).” The third shot was fatal. Khan got down and cut the chinkara’s throat and then, after killing another one, drove back to the hotel.

Yashpal then took the Gypsy to another hotel, managed to get the kitchen opened at 2:30 a.m. and asked Dulani to leave.Later, the hotel owner and the cook were also arrested for cooking the deer meat.



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