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How to get jobs in top companies?

Average students from ordinary universities in India pursuing Master’s of Science degrees in the US, and after graduation, they get jobs in top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc.




There is a huge chunk of MS CS students in the US from average colleges in India getting jobs in top companies. Many of these students are just average when compared to those graduating from IITs, NITs or central Indian universities.

There are a lot of opportunities for CS Engineers in the US. The hiring managers prefer students from the US as they do not need to take care relocation and other visa issues. When tech giants like Google and FB come to India for hiring, they look for the best and hence visit only a very few campuses. In the US, there are many good universities and hence they visit many campuses and also accept online applications. This helps a lot of smart guys fair opportunity to apply for positions in these companies.

In short,

All graduates in the US have a fair advantage in getting jobs in top companies whereas smart graduates in India may get eliminated just because they did not get admitted in an IIT or similar.

The eligibility criteria for big companies like Google, FB, and Amazon are so weird in India. The majority of these companies does not accept Master students and only the IITians are eligible to participate in their placement sessions. They don’t accept off-campus applications as well!

To put everything in perspective, if the average student is able to make it to a top university in U.S, the alumni of that “branded” college can do very well in the career they choose.

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