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જોવા લાયક ફેમિલી ડ્રામા – home it’s a feeling


It’s an on-demand video web series in six episodes as follow. You can watch all six episode in HD video quality on JIO CINEMA (freely available to all JIO subscribers). MORE EPISODES are Streaming soon.

  1. THE BIRTHDAY GIFT(Running time 23m) – Home is where the heart is
  2. BE WISE & APOLOGIZE(Running time 27m)- The mother of all surprises
  3. OUR PARENTS ARE HIDING SOMETHING(Running time 21m)-Getting to the root of the problem
  4. SECRETS & LIES-(Running time 21m)-Everything comes with a hidden cost
  5. THE BEAT OF THE HEART IS ANXIETY-(Running time 20m)- Collapsing under the weight of hope
  6. THE MOMENT OF RECKONING-(Running time 20m)-Like father, like son


The tagline Home- It’s a Feeling, says it all. The show is a welcome change from the usual soap operas that are seen on television. Without making the plot and twists very dramatic, Habib Faisal has beautifully portrayed every character and the relationship they share with each other. The story develops in such a way that we discover more about each character with every passing episode. Thankfully, there are no over-the-top, melodramatic expressions or scenes with booming soundtracks, that we have come to expect from usual Balaji TV shows. Alt Balaji seems to be consciously catering to a different audience here.

For example, rather than just show the existence of a generation gap among the Sethis for the sake of it, the writing engages you in meaningful conversations between the three generations, illustrating how these differences exist very naturally. While some such scenes make you emotional and teary-eyed, others make you laugh a little. Take this one for example: ‘Hamare zamane mein revolution Facebook aur Twitter par nahi laye jaate thhe!’.

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