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How to stop child begging in India?


It’s estimated that there are around 500,000 beggars in India — half a million people! And, this is despite the fact that begging is a crime in most states in India.

Why are so many people begging? Aren’t there any organizations to help them? Sadly, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to begging in India.

In general, beggars can be categorized into two types.

[1] Those who have no choice and are forced to do it,

[2] and those who have mastered the art of begging and make a substantial amount of money from it.

While the poverty is real, begging is quite often carried out in organized gangs. For the privilege of begging in a certain territory, each beggar hands over their takings to the gang’s ringleader, who keeps a significant share of it. Beggars have also been known to deliberately maim and disfigure themselves to get more money.

In addition, many children are abducted in India and forced into begging. The statistics are alarming. According to a conservative estimate, 3 lakh children across India are forced to beg, using everything from addiction to drugs, to threats of violence and actual beatings. They form the foot soldiers of what is a now a multi-million rupee industry led by human trafficking cartels. The Indian National Human Rights Commission reports that 40,000 children are abducted in India every year, over 25% of whom remain untraced. Yet, child begging is not addressed by the authorities the way it should be. It is often assumed that these children belong to families who push them into begging.

I have an appeal to all those who can help these children who are forced for begging rather than sending them to school. It’s my thinking that the government should strictly ban begging.Those people who really don’t have any means except begging.Govt should provide them if they could not do then in that situation the government can increase the rate of taxes and should help all those.It really gives a painful once we see someone like this. So as being Indian, I want everyone to get their right their childhood.

Please don’t give money to beggars especially children and women carrying infants and children.


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