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TV ads cost in India


Over quite some time, It’s my curiosity to know how much TV ads cost in India? Finally, I have found a satisfying answer on Quora. Television in India is by far the largest medium in terms of reach. TV incidentally from a cost per reach perspective is the cheapest media not just because of a volume of viewers but also the most expensive because of the volume. The reach of TV is far more than our expectation.

The cost of advertising on Television depends on the following factors:

The timing of the advertisement:

If you want to advertise between 7AM – 9AM it varies between INR 1,000 – INR 24,000 for 30 seconds of advertisement. English channels like HBO charge you about INR 1000 and News channels charge the highest about INR 24,000 as the viewership is maximum in the morning.
Weekends Vs Weekdays:

The cost of advertising during Weekends goes as high as 45% when compared during a weekday. The cost depends based on the channel. Surprisingly movie channels charge you lower on a Sunday. The cost drops by almost 45% during weekends


The cost of advertising differs from channel to channel based on the number of viewers they attract. Average amount spent per customer for an advertisement of 30 seconds is about INR 0.007.

Cost of advertising by Channels, Viewers and Timing:




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Chanchal Jetha, Associate Consultant @ Feedback Consulting  at (https://www.quora.com/How-much-do-TV-ads-cost-in-India-on-average-for-30secs)

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