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What is Difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence?


There are three kinds of behavior we can see among people.

  1. Either a person has low self-esteem,
  2. High self-esteem means confidence or
  3. Delusional Overconfidence.

We all know the difference between low self-esteem and High self-esteem (confidence), Because differences are very evident when we talk about low self-esteem person and confident person, Low self-esteem people always have fear of them related to everything and they prefer to stay in Comfort zone whereas confident people know how capable they are and they never fear to take decisions in order to grow and move towards their goals and dream.

But it’s really very difficult for us to understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence, because there is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence, we need to understand that believe comes with confidence, and arrogance comes with overconfidence. Confidence helps you to grow and also helps you to get success even in the difficult situations and task, whereas Overconfidence can give you failure even in the easiest task and situations.

Today, I have seen very good LinkedIn post from Sannah Ali (),Kolkata Trainer & Leadership Coach with international experience. This post is very transparently explain you about

✅Confidence      versus        ❌Overconfidence

I would like to put it as it is in authors words.

👉 Confidence : “I can do it.”

Overconfidence : “Only I can do it.”

👉 Confidence : “I know this subject.”

Overconfidence : “I know this subject much better than everyone else.”

👉 Confidence : “I will try to give it my best shot.”

Overconfidence : “ I will always beat everyone to it.”

👉 Confidence : “My hard work will help me achieve my goal.”

Overconfidence : “I will achieve my goal regardless of my efforts.”


A fine line between the two. While confidence is associated with success, overconfidence can lead to one’s downfall. Understanding the difference can save your ship from sinking.



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