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What is the average salary hike in IT companies in India?

Generally IT companies are known to be giving very low hikes provided one would have that potential. Here I have given case study of Java Developer but it would be similar for others skill sets also. No matter whether you are a Java Developer or a DOT NET Developer or a Quality Analyst or you may have any other such highly demanding IT skill,definitely you should get such hike in your salary.

But remember always ,“First Deserve Then Desire.”



Salary history of a Java developer over last 10 years :


August : joined an IT services giant at 2.5 lakhs per annum (LPA)
December: salary revised to 2.75 LPA (+10%)
June : salary revised to 3.23 LPA (+17.5%)
June : salary revised to 3.93 LPA (+21.6%)
October : left existing job and joined a product development company for 5.5 LPA (+40%)
March : salary revised to 6.0 LPA (+9.1%)
March : salary revised to 6.16 LPA (+2.6%)
September : left existing job and joined an investment bank for 9 LPA (+46.1%)
March : salary revised to 11.2 LPA (+24.4%)
April : salary revised to 13.69 LPA (+22.2 %)
Feb : left existing job and joined another investment bank for 16 LPA (+16.8 %)
Jan : salary revised to 17.5 LPA (+9.3%)
Jan : salary revised to 25 LPA (+30%)
December : Left existing job and joined another investment bank for 34.5 LPA (+38 %)


So, it’s shows that average job hop fetched a developer a hike of 34.35 %
Whereas average yearly appraisal cycle fetched  a hike of 18.34 %

Over a period of 10 years, the candidate’s salary increased by 12.8 times

While it might not mirror average hikes in last decade, it will give you some idea. Hope this helps. And I don’t believe that,”Salary hikes are less in the service based companies compared to Product based companies!” 



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