Feeling of happiness and sorrow is the mistake

Feeling of happiness and sorrow is the mistake. What is the mistake in this? There is no one else to give happiness and sorrow. The other gives happiness and sorrow – it is a misunderstanding. I do-it’s a false pride. Everybody has tied their selves with their deeds.

सुखस्य दुःखस्य न कोऽपि दाता परो ददातीति कुबुद्धिरेषा ।
अहं करोमीति वृथाभिमानः स्वकर्मसूत्रे ग्रथितो हि लोकः ॥

हम जो सुखी-दुःखी होते हैं, यह हमारी गलती है ।इसमें गलती क्या है ? ‘सुख-दुःखको देनेवाला दूसरा कोई नहीं है । दूसरा सुख-दुःख देता है‒यह समझना कुबुद्धि है । मैं करता हूँ‒यह वृथा अभिमान है । सब लोग अपने-अपने कर्मोंकी डोरीसे बँधे हुए हैं ।’

Image source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04nhgw1


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I am a full-stack engineer whose passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. I have architect and built horizontally scalable back-ends; distributed RESTful API services; and web-based front-ends with modern, highly interactive Ajax UIs.

I deal with:

Web applications
Distributed architecture
Parsers, compilers
Mobile First, Responsive design
Test-driven development

Using technologies :

+Java, JAX-RS, JavaScript, Node.js
+Ajax, JSON, HTML5, CSS3
+Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

My Qualities ,I believe :

Self-directed and passionate
Meticulous yet pragmatic
Leadership skills, integrity

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