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What can you do with the WhatsApp Business API?

The newly launched WhatsApp Business API provides developers with compelling capabilities to integrate WhatsApp as a communication and transaction layer for interacting with their users.
  • Customer Support: Through WhatsApp, customers can initiate conversations and ask for support regarding purchase details, delivery updates, etc.

If designed and architectured well, you can seamlessly connect your existing CRM tools such as SalesForce, FreshDesk(or in-house software) including live chat agents like ZenDesk to your WhatsApp Business API Client.

  • Navigation & Discovery: Use NLP to understand the context of user inputs and help them discover relevant products and services by connecting your search APIs with the WhatsApp Business API Client.
  • Transactions: Enable purchases and bookings through WhatsApp by integrating your internal APIs to the WhatsApp API Business Client.
  • Online Payments: Process online payments by providing dynamically generated payment links through WhatsApp.
  • Invoicing: Send purchase invoice and bill details as an attachment through WhatsApp
  • Delivery Updates: Provide shipment details and automated updates through WhatsApp
  • Reminders: Notify users about upcoming events and tasks

Custom Use Cases: Design bots and automated processes (RPA) as per the specific requirements of both customers and internal teams, such as:

  • Collecting feedback from users
  • Enabling conversational forms and gathering data through WhatsApp
  • Extracting leads submitted on WhatsApp groups of sales teams and updating them into excels sheets, etc



Overview of the WhatsApp Business API — and how to leverage it

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