Which is better Trading vs Investing?


BEST IS “” COMBO “” MEAL- TRADING & INVESTING- combined.But Technical skills and fundamental analysis are very important pointers in both cases. Don’t trade on leverage rather only trade with your own capital what ever it may be.

I would like to explain through following example:

(I have used Compound Interest Calculator – The Calculator Site to calculate compound growth and CAGR Calculator – The Calculator Site for CAGR calculation)

[1] Suppose you have invested Rs. 100000 and you are getting annual growth of 18% then your worth will be approx. Rs. 524000 after 10 years.Here once you have to invest in few good stock/mutual funds and just forget for 10 years. No skill will be required.

[2] On the other side,suppose you have started stock trading with initial investment of Rs. 100000. Now I assume that with technical skills and fundamental analysis,you are trading that sum for next 10 years (Considering you are getting average 3% trade margin on monthly basis & cumulative investment basis so that you are getting CAGR of 42%) .Now as per my suggested calculator your total worth would be more than Rs. 30 lac.

It’s my personal perspective only. As I strongly believe “साहसे श्री प्रतिवसति” (In adventure resides Goddess Lakshmi (in other words, fortune favors the brave)

Wish you happy and prospective investing and trading in stocks.

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