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Moving to Vietnam

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A country which welcomes everyone with their arms stretched. A country where people wave at you and greet you with a big smile and a lovely laugh. A city that has most number of Expats than Indian’s in any other country. A country which has extreme variations in food.

What made me think about and move to Vietnam out of the blue???

It was definitely a sudden move which had one strong mutual decision and 3-month planning behind it. Honestly, I was not sure about my move and was not sure if I will be happy but I took this decision and the step as I trusted my partner’s instinct of it being a good decision.

My better half, an audiophile, traveled to HO Chi Minh City on a short trip in search of his love for the high end vintage audio equipment and guess what? Now, he wants to move to Vietnam!!!

Our decision to move surrounded lot of questions from every direction. Why to Vietnam? Is it expensive? Can you manage with 2 little kids? Did you find a job? …. And the list goes on…

No, we had nothing in mind. We just wanted to move out and experience a new culture. Yes, this city is expensive in few areas like any other country. I had no job offer in hand but I definitely had the opportunity to get a job. Managing kids, we have to do it anywhere anyway. So, we finally moved before summer can hit India with numerous questions in head and a worried heart.

My first day in the city was sultry. I was sweating like a pig and I was not sure if I was liking it but I tried sulking myself with the reality.

In the few days of my arrival, I realized that this city thrives for simplicity. They have simple and affordable innovations for everything. Every single person here works and earns bread. Beer flows more than water and cheaper. Its Ice cubes everywhere, beer, coffee, green tea, juice, you name it. People chill out at cafe’s, open restaurants, river side’s with a glass of beer and little salad in their cups. This life is relaxing.

Now, I know what brought me here. It’s my destiny which wanted me to take a break from my so called driven life. I am not sure what’s my next stop and when but for now, I am in love with this.



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