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What is average CPC for Facebook ads in India?What ROI can I get from Facebook advertising?


Facebook advertising doesn’t have a fixed cost as users get to set their own budget and bid on the price, the price all depends on how much user and user’s competitors are willing to spend.Facebook ads CPC is completely depends on the quality of the ad, CPC can be low if the ad is very engaging and having high relevancy score.

First please try to understand the Facebook Ads Costing Approaches

When advertising on Facebook advertiser can choose between four cost models:

1) CPC : Cost per Click – Only pay when someone clicks on the Facebook Ad.

2) CPM: Cost per thousand impressions – With cost-per-impression advertiser pay when Facebook shows the ad 1000 times.

3) CPL : Cost per Like – This allows  to track and optimize how much advertiser spend to get someone to “Like” advertiser Facebook Page after clicking advertiser ad.

4) CPA : Cost per Action – This allows advertiser to track and optimize how much advertiser spend to get someone to take an action (or convert) on advertiser website after clicking advertiser ad.

There are a number of factors involved in deciding the Facebook advertising costs such as the industry, audience, type of advertisements etc. Based on the research done by various sources, here are some average costs one’ll incur running Facebook advertising in India,

One can start advertising on Facebook with a minimum budget of Rs. 40 per day.

Average CPC for link clicks – Re. 0.50 – Rs. 2.50
Average Cost per 1000 impressions – approx. Rs. 10
Average Cost per Action (CPA) – Rs. 3.00
Average Cost per LIKE – Re. 0.75
Average Cost per Engagement – Re. 0.20
Average Cost per Video View – 0.30
Average Cost per mobile app install – Rs.15
Average Cost per Conversion – Rs.40.00
Average Cost per Lead – Rs. 50.00

*Cost given are statistical approximation basis only.It may differ case to case.

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