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KASARGOD MADHUR MAHAGANAPATHI TEMPLE – मधुर महागणपति मंदिर: ऐसा मंदिर जहां दीवार से प्रकट हुए गणपति



This 10th century old temple is located on the banks of the Madhuvahini River in Kasaragod, Kerala. Known for its architectural beauty and historic structure, this beautiful Madhur Mahaganapathi Temple was built by the Mypadi Rajas of Kumbla. It is believed that the temple has an idol of Lord Ganesha, which is not made of stone or soil but of a different material. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva, however, the uniqueness of the idol of Lord Ganesha, makes this temple popular among tourists. Some people also believe that once Tipu Sultan visited the temple with an intend to destroy it, but something changed his mind and he left it the way it is now. The temple has a pond, which is believed to possess medicinal and curative properties that can heal anyone with skin illness or other rare disease. Moodappa Seva is a special festival celebrated here, in which, the statue of Lord Ganapati is covered with a mixture of sweet rice and ghee called Moodappam.


The Shivalingam of the temple is said to have been found by a “low caste” lady “Madura” discovered an “Udbhava Murthy” of shiva linga. Although Shiva is the presiding deity, Lord Ganapathy is more famous like in Kottarakkara temple and Vazhappally temple. This temple has a huge three tired ‘Gaja prishta’ type sreekovil. Top two stories are copper covered. The second and third storeys of the sreekovil are also profuse with attractive and exquisite wood carvings. In 1784 Tippu Sulthan attaked Kumbala border and entered to Madhur area,after drinking water from the well of the temple, he changed his mind on attacking and demolishing the Garbhagudi and marched towards Malabar. But to satisfy his soldiers and Islamic scholars he made a cut with his sword symobolising the attack. The mark is still visible on the building that is built around the temple well.

How To Reach:

Madhur Temple is located 7 km (4.3 mi) from Kasaragod town.



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