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Maa Vishwambhari dham Rabda near Valsad Gujarat India


Maa Vishvambhari Dham is from Surat to Mumbai towards the opposite side of the Parnera hill to the left side of the Highway. To get here, take your bike to the Rabada. It’s less than 30 minutes from Valsad. There are no tickets to enter. This temple is 15 km away from Valsad,Gujarat in Rabada town. It is beside Par River.

Maa Vishvambhari Dham, Rabada near Valsad,Gujarat
  • The temple itself is an awesome sight. Also you need to get into the inner compound for the best pics.
  • There are no charges for darshan. Only they charge for parking which is also donated for Gaushala development.
  • This place is best for family. Best time to visit in the evening of the day.
  • This place take time of half day with family. And also, Don’t miss to visit Parnera hill, Tithal beach and Daman beach

Official Website of Vishvambhari Dham

History Of ‘Maa Vishvambhari Dham’ ?

It is believed that, in the year 1999, with hard penance of Vitthal Bhai took the form of 18 years of beautiful girl and at 11.45 p.m. they drove the bike. That was Goddess Vishvambhari.

Beautiful Virtual Galaxy Dedicated To ‘Vishvambhari Maa’ !

That is why today a beautiful temple has been built with the help of peoples and Trust. This is called Maa Vishwambhari Dham. One thing that I notice first when entered in temple, Firstly, I saw that on the roof of the temple in the form of galaxy which is very captivating and dedicated to Maa Vishwambhari. It’s special to see that if you see its mirror image in floor of temple then the planets like the Mars, the Jupiter and Saturn appearing the very close to eyeball.

The road going forward after seeing the temple takes you to the top of the temple. where a beautiful sculpture of the artificial Himalayas has been created. There are also artificial caves in the mountains to give you experience of thousands of years ago.

A very large space was built in front of the temple. so, that people could sit down under the tree with their families. Here the sculpture artifacts of monkeys and giraffe have been made.

Describing The Event Of Govardhan Shila Sacred Place.

In Mahabharata, Indra insisted on many clouds in the sky and flooded the region for seven days and seven nights. Due to the rains, Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill in response, under which all the animals and people of this region got safe place from the rains. After all, Indra accepted defeat. He gave his prayers and left his heavenly empire. So, this live sculpture is very beautifully described in that event.


There is a special look to see that there is a Gaushala also made. where cows are adorned with a lot of care. And also, there are beautiful lights and fans in the Gaushala. which increases the depth of the Gaushala.



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