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Why doing MS from Canada is better than US?

There are a lot of factors that might be considered in your decision to pursue your Masters Degree either in The US or Canada.The idea of pursuing MS abroad is probably one of the most desirable goals among young Indians.But few points are crystal clear which are favoring Canada.International students in Canada are increasing every year not only because of the quality education but also the job opportunities provided, particularly in the field of information technology, engineering, science and mathematics.

International students graduating with a 2-years+ program duration can get a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for 3 years. You need to apply within the 90 days of the confirmation of the completion of the academic program. The main advantage of this permit is that it doesn’t require a specific employer. You can work anywhere without any extra verification.Canada is considered to be a center of employment as its Economy is growing rapidly so, job opportunities in Canada after MS would be high because Canadian employers are behind qualification and Experiences including internships.

Here I would like to draw your attention for following points which I have taken from the blog usa-vs-canada-whats-better-for-me written by SHRUTI GANESH

  1. It is much easier for students to get a study visa to Canada than to the US. For students desirous of living and working in the country after they graduate, Canada offers seamless immigration options that make it easy for you to obtain a Canadian citizenship. In the US, by comparison, applying and obtaining a green card can be a long, arduous process.
  2. In terms of the quality of education offered, there is little difference between the two.
  3. Education in Canada is much cheaper than in the US, thanks to several laws and policies put in place to make education affordable and accessible to all.
  4. When it comes to living expenses like rent and utilities, Canada is leaps and bounds ahead, with lower rents and transportation costs. Cities like Toronto and Montreal are extremely student-friendly, with student discounts available almost everywhere- from restaurants to clothing stores and movie theaters. Additionally, Canada is much safer, and has lower crime rates and stringent gun laws.
  5. The biggest difference between Canada and the US in terms of employment is that it is much easier to pursue part-time jobs in Canada. In the US, if you wish to work while studying, you will have to obtain an OPT (Optional Practical Training), but the job you undertake must be related to your field. In Canada, however, you are allowed to undertake almost any job, since your study permit doubles up as a work permit too.
  6. After graduating, the average salary for an MS student in the US is about USD 69,000 (Rs 49 lakhs approx) per annum, while in Canada it is lower at CAD 70,000 (Rs 35 lakhs approx) per annum. Job prospects in the US are much better, however, the lack of proper job security, especially at fresher level makes one think twice about spending all that money on tuition fees.

I am not saying that MS in Canada is better than US at all. Both have their own pros and cons and you should set your preferences accordingly as per your personal circumstances.But personally, I find MS in Canada to be a safer bet.

Source: https://www.greedge.com/blog/usa-vs-canada-whats-better-for-me/

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