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Epic story of hire and fire policy

Only story of some companies …

Lion in the jungle was running a factory …

Ants working as a core workers who came on time and
honestly doing all their works …

The lion business was going well.But the lion thought that, if the ants are working good at their own, they would work better under the supervision of an expert.

He appointed a beetle as Production Manager, the beetle had work experience &
was also expert in writing the report …

Beetle told the lion that, “First of all we need to create work schedules for ants.I have to hire a secretary to keep records on regular basis.”

The lion had appointed a bee as secretary. The lion liked the work of the bee
and told her that,”Please,prepare a report and a progress graph of work done till the date,by each ant.”

Bee replied,” It’s okay,but for that I need a computer,a laser printer and a projector”.Lion had made a separate computer department for that and appointed a cat as a head of computer department.

Now instead of doing work properly,ants were used to pay more attention to prepare a report. Due to this work and production started to decrease .

The Lion felt that there was still need to have a technical expert on top of all, so that he can advise supervision.So appointed a monkey as an technical expert.

Now in the factory the work assigned was not getting accomplished due to obsession of the perfect reporting by ants.

The factory started to run at a loss.

With a view to identify reason of such a big loss,lion had consulted a fox who was master in profit & loss management.

After three months of research the fox had reported a lion that ,”reason of loss in factory is over employment ,so there an urgent need to cut down numbers of employee.”

Now the question is ,”to whom give lay off?”

Finally everyone agreed that, the ants should be fired …

In most sectors, it is happening right now.Who work hard and honestly, works in low pay, is exploited or harassed.Whereas though who are enjoying big pay and remain idle, are at concert.




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