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Erwin Singh Braich – Who made a $1.2 billion bid for Yes Bank

Canadian industrialist and philanthropist Erwin Singh Braich, founder of The Braich Group of Companies and Trusts, has made a $1.2 billion bid for Yes Bank, according to a report by ET Now quoting sources. I am very curious to know more about Mr. Erwin Singh.

Erwin Singh Braich, 57, a NRI Canadian businessman and philanthropist, known as North America‘s first Sikh Billionaire.Erwin Singh Braich is the son of Herman Singh Braich (1911- 1976), a successful businessman and forest industry pioneer who immigrated from Punjab, India, to Canada in 1927 and passed away in 1976. After his untimely death, his son, Erwin Singh Braich, at age twenty, left his studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, to assume control of his father’s businesses. In the subsequent years, he built his family businesses into a multi-million dollar conglomerate, further expanding what his father had begun. He accomplished all of this while juggling his many duties as the eldest son in a family of nine, along with his role as husband, and father of two children. As a successful businessman, it is said that Erwin Singh Braich was also a quiet philanthropist giving back to his community.

According to estimates of Trusts that Braich controls, the net aggregate value puts him at being the second richest person in Canada and makes him one the top three wealthiest Indians in the world today, along with Mukesh Ambani  (Reliance Group) and Lakshmi Mittal (ArcelorMittal) . But much like Ratan Tata who himself in a personal capacity does not show up on any billionaires lists in the world and utilizes Trusts, Braich also conducts his business activities through various Trusts.

You can visit website to know more:   The Braich Group of Companies and Trusts,


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