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Job Application in English: The Dos and Don’ts

First things first, we would like to get straight down to business – the English language. English has become one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and many of us start or started learning English during our school years. That is why your priority when applying for a job is to write a convincing resume.

It is important that the vocabulary you use says exactly what you want to say. Use vocabulary that is specific to your field of work, but there is also no need to make your resume more complicated than it should be! In this case, think “less is more”.


  • In your application, use a strong expressive writing style with many active verbs like “fostered relationships” instead of “worked closely”. Further meaningful verbs include “charted”, “administered”, “consolidated”, “launched” and “maximized”;
  • Skills: customer-orientated, handle stress easily, team player, drive to succeed, meeting targets, eager to learn, good at multitasking, defuse conflict situations, problem solver, listens attentively, provides constructive feedback, strong planning skills;
  • Motivation: “I note with interest that…” “I am keen to broaden my knowledge in the field of…”, “I want to take on more responsibility”;
  • Unsolicited Application: “I am writing to inquire whether you have a vacancy in your firm.”
  • Ende: “Should you require further information about my qualifications, I would be pleased to quote references,” “I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further details of the position with you personally”;
  • Salutation: Always address your application to a specific contact person. If the gender of the person you’re addressing in unclear, use: Dear, first name and last name;
  • Networking: When appropriate, provide links to your professional social media site like LinkedIn;
  • Work references: Include the following comment at the end of your resume: References available upon request.


  • Don’t begin your cover letter with: “I am submitting my resume regarding the open position of Systems Analyst advertised in the Cape Coral on April 13th”;
  • Try to avoid using the first person “I” as much as possible;
  • Avoid words which carry a negative connotation like aggressively, attempt, be eager, used to;
  • Do not use contractions in your resume or cover letter: Don’t = do not, I’m = I am, Can’t = cannot
  • Don’t use standard empty phrases except for in the closing of the cover letter. Here, formulations like “I look forward to hearing from you” and “Yours sincerely…” are appropriate.


Source : https://www.green-card.com/working-in-the-usa/

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