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When to target a step down job position?

Does it ever make sense to take a step down the career ladder? My answer is ,”it is depend!”.

“Sometimes A lower position might make sense for your career. “

What could drive you to consider a lower position? Here are some common circumstances:

  • Necessity: Economic conditions, your financial situation and lack of other alternatives may necessitate taking the best available option—even if it’s a step down. There’s no shame in this, but be honest about how you got into this situation in the first place. Some people make this kind of career decision out of avoidable necessity—they are forced to take a lower-level job because they didn’t take charge of their careers. Do what you have to do, but learn from it.


  • To change careers: This is a completely valid reason to take a lower position, but remember: Changing professions doesn’t automatically mean you start at the bottom. Look for transferable skills or specialized knowledge that could allow you to slide into something above an entry-level role. Also, changing industries is not the same as changing professions. When you change industries but not functions, target a lateral position, not a lower one. For example, a finance manager in a software company can occupy the same role in a biotech company.


  • To broaden your horizons:  A lower position in a different department can provide new experiences and enrich your career. But as with any career decision, think about the fit, your ability to be successful and how such a move figures into your larger career plan.


  • To find another way to advance: Imagine climbing a mountain and reaching a point where the route is blocked or requires climbing skill beyond your ability to pass it. You can give up or make a tactical decision to go back down a bit to look for another route up. Taking the right lower position can be a smart tactical move if you believe you can be successful in the lower role and know there’s a defined path on which you can continue your ascent.


Ref : Article by Ian Christie, Monster contributor at When to target a lower position


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